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Putin's Puppets

December 12, 2016

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Mark is joined by callers as they discuss the investigation into Russia’s influence in the 2016 election.
The probe was ordered by President Obama after intelligence officials confirmed that Russia tried to undermine Hillary Clinton’s campaign and bolster Donald Trump leading up to the election. Trump calls the CIA’s claims “ridiculous” and another “excuse” despite a bi-partisan group of Congress members including John McCain and Mich McConnell backing the investigation and saying the hacks “should alarm every American” and “cannot become a partisan issue.”

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  • Sue Ianni January 22, 2017 12:01 pm

    Putin’s Puppets are anyone who are short sighted enough to believe that Putin’s goal was to get Donald Trump elected.
    Putin’s goal was to wreak havok in an otherwise peaceful democratic and orderly transition of power that is an example to the world. Putin didn’t didn’t know who was going to win. It didn’t matter who won.
    Both sides in this election were pumped up and extremely polarized. Either outcome would have yielded similar results due to the Wikilieaks dumps (via Russia?) of Clinton’s emails exposing her Pay for Play schemes, but also because of the backhand deals with Bill and AG Lynch meeting on the tarmac 3 days before FBI director Comey said he recommended no charges against Hillary, which had nothing to do with Russia.
    Neither Trump nor his supporters would have trusted a close electoral result, especially after undercover whistleblowers (Americans, not Russians) released recordings exposing high-level Clinton Campaigners discussing plans to pay rabble rousers to instigate violence at Trump rallies, and bussing of people with fake IDs to various polling places in multiple states.
    The truth is the Obama Administration has known about the hacking into the DNC since 2015. The FBI warned the DNC in 2015. No one did anything about it. It was never a big deal, even with the Wikileaks exposures, because, the the DNC was so sure they’d win. But, Trump won.
    Suddenly, as if a big Russian zit popped all over our American Democracy, the dem’s went nuts. RUSSIA HACKED INTO OUR ELECTION! THEY SPREAD FAKE NEWS! THEY MUST BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE! AKA, the election was illegitimate, and so is a Trump presidency.
    Right out of the Putin playbook!

  • howard weiss December 12, 2016 9:24 pm

    Wonderful stuff!! So true, so courageous, so well-reasoned, so critical to our national security. As a matter of common sense,, why would hacking focus on AND result in release of ONLY Democratic and not Republican emails and other documents? Only one compelling rationale appears: the parties behind the hacking and strategically timed dumps–Russia and Wikileaks–wanted Trump to win. No matter which scenario occurred–Republicans were hacked (which they deny, but CIA disputes apparently) or Republicans were not hacked, the bottom line is the motive must have been pro-Trump.

  • Joe December 12, 2016 3:27 pm

    So, we can soon call the Electoral College…Useful Idiots, right?