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Bush Foreign Policy

July 20, 2003

Presidential Lies

July 13, 2003

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It All Depends on What the Definition of “Learned” Is
Who tells a bigger lie, Clinton or Bush? President Clinton said, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman — Miss Lewinksy.” These eleven words were roundly condemned as being a lie to the American people (even though “sexual relations,” defined by Webster’s as “coitus” technically involves an act that Clinton almost certainly avoided with Monica).
Clinton later justified his denial under oath that he “is” having an affair with Monica with “it all depends on what the definition of ‘is’ is” (i.e., Clinton was having such an affair, but is not now). This ultra-technical explanation was roundly mocked by late-night comics and Americans nationwide. And, of course, Clinton was impeached, but not prosecuted for perjury, because his statements, though clearly intending to mislead us, were “technically accurate.”
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Bush's Faith-Based Initiative

July 6, 2003

“It’s All About Discrimination: A Layman’s Guide to Bush’s Faith-Based Initiative”
(written March 2003)
Q. I don’t understand President Bush’s “Faith-Based” Initiative. Can you explain it to me?
A. Sure. It’s all about discrimination.
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Intelligence Failure, Estate Taxes, and Supreme Court Opinions

June 29, 2003

Did Bush manipulate intelligence to justify the war in Iraq?
Should estate taxes be discarded?
What about the recent Supreme Court opinions on affirmative action and sodomy?

Homeland Security

June 22, 2003

[Editor’s note written on the Second Anniversary: June 22, 2005]
On the first broadcast of THE INSIDE SCOOP, Mark Levine asked why the Bush Administration had not adequately funded homeland security and why there had been no investigation into its use of intelligence information prior to 9/11 and prior to the war in Iraq. The questions asked two years ago remain unanswered today.
Mark’s conclusions, that Bush was trying to “control his own intelligence” and the Administration was “manipulating the evidence”, which the first caller to the show mocked as a “runaway train” two years ago, have now been confirmed by the Secret Downing Street Minutes, which stated “the intelligence and facts were being fixed around the policy.”

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