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Sarah Palin: Republican Trophy Wife

November 22, 2009

Palin is the “trophy wife” of the Republican Party. And like most trophy wives bought by rich fat guys, she is pretty but also coarse and ignorant. The Republican Party thinks she looks good on their arm but she has no substance and is actually pretty spiteful. The American People knows this already and treats her as a laughingstock. But some in the Republican Party haven’t learned it yet. For this reason, I as a Democrat couldn’t pick a better nominee for the Republican Party. Palin in 2012!
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  • Dr. Love November 22, 2009 10:27 am

    Lynne Vincent the webmaster of a “Christian” blog that banned my poetry after running it for four months–ghost-wrote Sarah Palin’s new book–(didn’t we all know Sarah Palin didn’t really write a book?)
    Somehow–I feel vindicated
    Holiday Cheer
    Create a place,
    make a sacred space
    where love is allowed to enter,
    a psychic inner sanctum
    of prayers set upon an altar,
    of memories and dreams
    of sweetly conceived schemes
    meant to adore
    the presence of another,
    make peace
    in your sector of the universe,
    that life may prosper
    in comforting ease
    according the harmony of divine order,
    give thanks
    to the ubiquitous Source
    of all being,
    and, in so seeing,
    welcome the truth in beauty
    that surrounds us.