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When Should Religion Trump Law?

November 23, 2009

3-hour show
Mark’s filling in for Leslie Marshall again, and he has a bone to pick with the Catholic Church.
They have issued an ultimatum to DC — threatening to stop social services in the District like feeding the hungry and housing the homeless — if they are forced to use taxpayer money to treat all taxpayers equally. Is Catholic doctrine against equal civil rights for gay people really stronger than its devotion to taking care of the needy? Even stronger than its prohibition against its divorce? Or its differences with Islam and atheism?
Mark: “Obviously, I disagree with the decision of the Catholic Church on this issue, and I published an op-ed in the Washington Post saying so.
But on a separate note, the Catholic Church has refused to grant communion to pro-choice Congressman Patrick Kennedy. Strange as it may sound, I support their right to do this…as long as they deny communion equally to every supporter of abortion in America.
My rationale is simple. You keep your Church out of my State. And I promise to keep my State out of your Church.”

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  • Texbetsy November 25, 2009 1:26 pm

    Great show.
    On the communion issue, I have a friend who uses birth control (married, already has 4 kids), and she hasn’t gone up to get communion since her youngest was born.