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Republicans Think You’re Stupid

September 8, 2008

And, sadly, they’re probably right.
Not about you who have The Inside Scoop, but about most Americans.

Democrats have run a positive campaign, giving detailed proposals about the need for change in this country, which 80% of Americans think is going in the wrong direction.

Republicans, the party of the Government, the people who gave us the corruption, lawlessness, and lies that is causing our economic mess, massive deficits, perpetual war, cronyism, incompetence, and addiction to oil have a plan to give you more of the same.

Republicans know they can’t run on their plan which devastates America, forcing a real decline in our country’s well-being and standing in the world for the first time since….well, for the first time really ever, so they instead have an empty convention, where they don’t tell you that they want “four more years.” Instead, they bleat “change” without telling you what they’d change. (Hint: they won’t change anything.)

And they go negative. Of course, they go negative. That’s what Republicans do. Republicans know America contains many racists just itching for a reason to vote against Obama. They cynically nominate the biggest porker/earmarker in America as a “reformer”; a politician who is well known for croneyism, incompetence, and using the Government to force religious fundamentalism down the throat of unbelievers; they hide her from the press; and they give her a Bush White House written speech full of sneer and invective and lies about Obama.

And Americans eat it up. Racists, who were looking for an excuse, have found one.

It’s hard not to be angry. I knew when Democrats ran a positive convention, the Republicans would respond with negativeness, lies, and empty dirty tricks–and then attack the corporate media for exposing those lies. It’s what the party of Rove and Cheney do best. Indeed, it’s the only thing they do best.

There’s been a convention about the conventions for many years now that the party in power gets to hold their convention second. This hurts Democrats every single year. The Democrats need to stop following this. Even if we leapfrog all the way to Election Day.

Will Palin, the Angry Liar beat Obama the Happy Warrior?

Sadly, she might, as this manufactured good-cop/bad-cop routine, combined with Palin hiding in a secure location from any tough press to avoid answering tough questions, appears to be working on a number of uninformed voters. (Hint: Don’t expect her to go on Meet the Press, as Joe Biden did yesterday, from now until election day.)

In 1958, George Wallace lost the Alabama governor’s race to John Patterson, who ran with the support of the Ku Klux Klan while Wallace had been endorsed by the NAACP. After that race, Wallace told his aide that he lost the race because “I was outniggered by John Patterson. And I’ll tell you here and now, I will never be outniggered again.” Wallace changed his stand to a hard-line segregationist view which propelled him to win the next gubernatorial election. Going negative works.

McCain is doing the same thing. Remember when George Bush responded in 2000 to McCain’s claim of being a “reformer” by saying he (Bush) was a “Reformer with Results”? We all laughed at the idiocy of Bush, owned by the corporations and the right-wing, stealing McCain’s rhetoric. It was so blatantly cynical. But it worked. Americans were stupid. They bought it.

And McCain is determined never to be out-niggered again, or in this case, out-Roved. He’ll play fast and loose and dirty and cynical. McCain, having changed his few maverick views to adopt all of Bush’s policies, now claims–using the same Cheney/Rovian tactics that propelled Bush to power–that he wants change in Washington. The trick is for McCain to do it with a straight face, as if he doesn’t know he’s lying.

It works because Republicans think you’re stupid.
And sadly, they’re probably right.

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  • madfuq September 9, 2008 8:51 pm

    It is called re-inventing ones self that is what the repubs are so good at and they are at it again.

    McCain in a maverick an outsider, plueeese who is kidding who! He voted with bush 90% of the time, sound to me like he is linked to bush at the hip! McCain is trying to steal the word change because it is working for Obama, well I for one believe he is more of the same bush policy period but on steroids!

    The reps are scared witless because if Obama comes in there will be change and the bandits will lose their immunity and hopefully end up in the slammer where they belong! If Obama comes in and is able to do a tenth of what he wants to do the USA will once again become the land of the free not the land of the greedy! We the people will be first not the almighty corporation and we can once again become that shinning beacon on the hill!

  • Howard K. McSmith September 9, 2008 7:01 am

    This election is as much a referendum of the American electorate- as anything else-it’s “the black Abe Lincoln” vs. Mr. Magoo, reason vs. distortion–it’s hard to say what voters will allow to happen after two quasi-legal elections have effectively choked this government at the top and bumbling resultant electoids have driven this country into the ditch–and it’s the old fool-me, fool-you blues that crony campaign crows are singing

  • Robt September 9, 2008 1:29 am

    McCain is right,

    After Bush’s first 4 yrs he got another four. With his party majority control in House and Senate.

    Now McCain says he is for change and those Washington insiders have to change. Written by his top staff of lobbyists for a 30 yr washington insider.

    There are many men here that are simply “Smitten” with Palin. But this is a big red state.

    They seem to like the fantasy they imagine with her. Maybe while aerial hunting by helicopter.

    Obama best become more aggressive in his responses and get back on offense.

    I watched the interview on OLberman. Obama replied to Kieth’s question of responding to his opponents lies. Obama replied in a gentleman manner.

    Obama can run smart light hearted to the point ads, he can say shame on you.

    Obama needs to firmly address the macCain camp jumping on “Change”.

    McCain is not a washington insider. They have painted Palin as a complete “outsider”.

    The press only have less than 60 days to vet her as they did Obama for 2 years. Yet Obama’s camp can enable and help the press.

    My opinion is that Palin raises the evangelical factor. The hate for Abortion, the hate for the gays, the hate for the atheists, sciencey people. And the ability for churches to recieve money from the tax payers.

    Whats your take on Palin and what she brings to McCain’s campaign.?

    – Other than that that innocent librarian look and the communication skill and reading a teleprompter.