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Reverend Moon's Senate Coronation

June 16, 2004

(archived broadcast )
Reporter John Gorenfeld brings new information on the nefarious connection between Bush, Members of Congress, and the self-proclaimed Messiah Rev. Sun Myung Moon, including his “coronation” in a Senate office building.
For more on this connection, see my September 2003 notes on my last interview with John Gorenfeld, by clicking here.

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  • SR June 20, 2004 6:42 pm

    I would love to pin the sponsors of this crazy Moon coronation down; especially the crown carrier (forgot his name). I can believe that some of the members of congress were fooled into going. A while back I went to a lecture given by former members of the Moonies and Scientology. They all described how everything they experienced was highly choreographed to appear spontaneous and “spiritual”. They only became aware of these methods after they rose up in the organization. I also knew a physics professor who was fooled into going to another far out radical’s meeting: Lyndon LaRouche. The professor received a letter on UCLA letterhead about what looked like a science conference. He went to it, only to hear LaRouche talking about the weird application of an esoteric branch of mathematics to economics. Its primary application is in quantum mechanics. He walked out in a second. The subject came up when he saw a book I was carrying at the time that was critical of LaRouche.
    I knew another scientist/engineer who had nothing but great things to say about Scientology. Of course I knew of all sorts of dirty things that group did before meeting him. For example, a reporter in LA who wrote a critical article of the group had a rattle snake placed in her mail box (I was living in LA at the time). A FBI raid of their headquarters found evidence of psychological warfare being perpetrated on her and other critics. So I was quite aware of what I was walking into when I finally caved in to his invitations and went to a few meetings. They immediately tried to isolate me in their group, telling me that I had to spend every spare minute at their facility. It was interesting to see the absolute pain in their faces when I started to point out major holes in their thinking. I finally said enough when I watched a film that presented a psychologist as a rat torturer and the Scientologist “priest” as some sort of savior. I looked around and saw a bunch of nodding heads. It was freaky. Do you know they are now a tax exempt organization? I would like to know what senator pushed that one through.

  • Charlie Manson June 18, 2004 10:33 am

    Rik, sanity is so very relative and escapes us as we continue to mire our collective consciousness within the illusion of Maya. Go to the higher chakras where the Golden Temple is waiting and lovers there to greet you, with love that is never abating.

  • RikAtomika June 17, 2004 11:54 pm

    Wow, I didn’t remember the whole ’70s thing about the campus recruitmentand Korea Gate thing but after this show it all came back to me. I was a little young at the time and world politics and such weren’t all that important to me. It’s all come back to me. Yikes!!!! I think a buch of the congress people got suckered into showing up at Moon’s corination. I’m sure there are pleanty who fall for this guy’s act. His just like Jim Jones, and that guy from Waco or maybe he’s a Osama. He’s not just a nut, but a nut with money and that makes him dangerous, kinda like G.W.
    Where are all the sane people!?

  • Walt Cronkite June 16, 2004 5:49 pm

    If it isn’t one Messiah it’s another isn’t it? It doesn’t matter that Sun Myung Moon actually died ten years ago–his movement and physical form lives on due to the wonders of cloning that have already become available to the very rich–of course those technologies failed to realize the reincarnative realities of spiritual displacement and replacement–and the current Rev. Moon is actually the spirit of Adlai Stevenson–hence some government officials’ quasi-allegiance exhibited in the “coronation” ceremony. Bush is again making a critical mistake in aligning fortunes with a loser.

  • Kreskin June 16, 2004 11:22 am

    On the count of three you will all return to consciousness and assume your regular activities while remembering to login to and register your credit card numbers and to vote for George Bush in the fall. You also have the urge to cluck like chickens.