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Congressional Corporate Kickbacks

June 17, 2004

(archived broadcast )
Special Guest: Congressman Pete Stark of California, House Committee on Ways and Means
Halliburton overcharges taxpayers billions while Dick Cheney pockets the profits.
Enron execs literally cheer, as they rape California while it burns.
Republican corporate contributors receive a hundred times return on their bribery investment. Owning a Congressman is so much cheaper and more lucrative than paying workers a decent wage.
Now what?
Well, tonight, in the early hours of the morning when most everyone is asleep, the Republican Congress is set to give away $140 billion of your taxpayer money — three times the amount given in welfare to the US poor annually — to line the gilt pockets of multi-millionaire CEOs. The money is meant to encourage corporations to outsource jobs abroad. And it will all come out of your paycheck.
That is, unless you call your Member of Congress to stop it.
Learn the facts on today’s INSIDE SCOOP.

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  • George Orwell June 18, 2004 10:04 am

    Yes Rik, it would become a “Brave New World”–twenty years late–where lies disguise the truth and meaning becomes meaningless in its abtstractness(Sorta like whatever the Bush administration says these days)–As I visualize Ashcroft and Rumsfeld as Animal Farm pigs, they are hindered as they try to express themselves with hoofs instead of hands.