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Sources of Right-Wing Anger

August 18, 2009

From the “birthers” to the town hall mobs to those stocking up on guns…
Where does right-wing anger come from?
Is it racism or some other deep-seated fear?
Fear of what?
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  • Time Traveler from the Ninth Dimension August 24, 2009 8:36 am

    Tao Reminder
    The wind blows in
    and renders the redundant asunder
    with constant persistent agitating pressure
    of a perfect storm
    within the turbulent dream,
    so comes Shiva’s dance
    as a grim reminder
    of the power of nature
    that trumps the schemes of man,
    so clear the muddle
    of all the hobbles
    in your brain,
    and seek the sanity of humility
    that says you should contemplate your future
    from your knees.

  • madfuq August 18, 2009 2:38 pm

    Fear is the answer you seek. Just look at the fear that the repubs have been spoon fed for decades by the right wing spinnsters. Fear is the only political card the repubs have and it works well with ill informed people, they have no constructive ideas, no plans just fear.
    What I find really upsetting is so many of our fellow Americans are so cowardly and such fraidy cats that they will swallow the fear ploys and believe those that use it to take away from each of them. If our founders had been the same ilk as so many today we would never have become a nation, heck we would never had enough courage to cross the pond. Our founders were brave individuals that were willing to suffer the consequences in a new world for a chance to live good and productive lives. If they look down on us they must be shuddering with disgust.
    Some think a damn gun makes the brave when just the opposite is true those that are wearing their guns to rallys are yellow bellied cowards consumed by fear. Meet one mano on mano and they would run like children away from the boogie man.
    So sad that we are no longer the home of the brave!