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Should Gay People Be Allowed to Marry?

July 16, 2004

A repeat broadcast of the debate held between Glenn Stanton and Mark Levine on May 17, 2004, the day gay marriages first became legal in Massachusetts.
(archived broadcast )
An important part of the Republican agenda this election year is passing a Constitutional Amendment to prohibit states from allowing gay people to marry. (Both Bush and Cheney have completely flip-flopped on this issue.)
While the Amendment would require 67 votes or a 2/3 vote to pass the Senate, the Senate Republicans Wednesday (July 13, 2004) could only muster 48 votes — not even a majority — to even end debate on it!
In honor of this colossal Republican failure to enshrine discrimination in the American Constitution, we replay today my debate on whether gay people should have equal rights to marry with Glenn Stanton, Director of Social Research and Cultural Affairs and Senior Analyst for Marriage and Sexuality at “Focus on the Family.” (Glenn Stanton trains those who oppose allowing gay people to marry on how best to debate the issue.)
For blog comments on the show when it was originally broadcast, click “Broadcast Archive/Blog” and scroll down to “May 17, 2004.”

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