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July 15, 2004

(archived broadcast )
Is it appropriate to “out” a closeted gay politician when he/she votes against gay rights?
How about a closeted gay staffer who works for a homophobe?
You won’t want to miss a spirited discussion with our very Special Guest, openly gay Congressman Barney Frank of Massachusetts
and, in the second half of the hour: Chris Crain, Editor of the Washington Blade (Washington’s gay newspaper), which recently reported a gay staffer working for notoriously anti-gay Republican Senator James Inhofe of Oklahoma.

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  • Johnny Newshound July 17, 2004 10:05 am

    Maybe I can just listen to radioinsidescoop and be a stringer for The Post

  • Gordon July 17, 2004 10:00 am

    Mark, you and Barney Frank put a lock on the concept–but I don’t remember any “new” names being mentioned–the way I understand it, the outing of the gay equivalent of “Uncle Toms” is OK–that moniker would be what?–“Aunt Tommys?” or “Uncle Marys?”

  • Mark Levine July 16, 2004 4:18 pm

    Again, I scooped the Washington Post with this story:

  • Gordon July 15, 2004 4:08 pm

    What am I but a part of Thee,
    cast out upon the endless sea,
    tethered to love by a golden strand
    strong, tensile as truth itself
    transcending all confusion holographically?
    And when I grow lonely, weary,
    longing for the communion of a sharing heart,
    bobbing toward me is
    another connected soul
    sent to comfort my every want

  • RikAtomika July 15, 2004 3:58 pm

    If a person promotes a moral, ethical or social issues and claims to hold to thier postion and that persecute others of the other postion and in real life holds the postion they are bashing then I think the person’s real postion should be revealed. Boy that was a run on sentence!
    It brings in to question their moral integrity. Not because of the view they hold but because they are lying to the public and not lving up to the standards that they hold others. It’d be like a drug addict going on the radio bashing drug addicts and thier addiction. It’s hippocartic, and it’s a lie to the public and themsleves. A wise man once said let he that is without sin throw the first stone.