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March 26, 2008

In one word, Cheney sums up the Bush Administration’s astonishing arrogance and disregard for the American People.
Also, Mark Levine on the Leslie Marshall show sums up the “inside scoop” behind the Obama Passport Spying Scandal and the reason he’s pushing the Democrats to hold Bush Administration officials in “inherent contempt.”

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  • And the darkness will dissipate in the light of day March 30, 2008 10:19 am

    “So?” –is a good epitaph for Dick Cheney
    Microwave his empty heart and serve it to birds of prey that they may fly his memory far, far away to the land of forgotten schemes

  • Robt March 29, 2008 2:13 pm

    There has been few times I could site sharp, eloquent, spoken facts of insight that happen to be in contrast to this Administration’s complete lack of responsibility and its use of secrecy to mask its misinformation to Americans.
    This misinformation that allows for dysfunction to grow ever so rampant and never learn from a mistake as to enable a plan against Murphy’s law.
    Yet fulheartedly embraces reactionary short term decisions that resolve only the current fleeting problems that have already evolved into other larger complex obsticles in an undefined “win” (success) in Iraq.
    So I would like to share a moment of a Senator that can open a window into the enabling media rhetoric and the mostly hidden and under reported (anylized) policy mentality of this Adm.
    One of my own state’s Senator, Sen Hagel does once so often speak out and is portayed as a dissenter of the GOP party and the President and lacks Patriotism.
    You decide, whatch here;