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Somebody's Watching You

December 12, 2005

With the renewal of the PATRIOT Act by both Houses of Congress last week, it’s important to find out how the Government eavesdrops on you. What can they technically do? What can they legally do?
Guest: Jack O’Neill, Author of ECHELON, Somebody?s Listening, who worked for the National Academy of Engineering and collaborated on some of the world?s most sophisticated eavesdropping systems.

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  • Ginger December 12, 2005 7:53 pm

    Ya’ know, it had crossed my mind that that other Dave G. might have been tasked w/ babysitting me. Never broached the subject with him. I just figured I could beat him at that game and have fun doing it. Paranoid? Maybe. But I have been ranting and railing against the Büsh Dynasty generally and specific operatives, like Sembler, MacDonald and DuPont specifically for awhile now. What, I don’t rate? Maybe, maybe not.
    Point is, I’ve never suffered more than very lame attempts at stiffling me. If I really get tired of batting away the bs, I’ve been known to use a bot to feign intense interest in, say, industrial hemp or bees wax candle making. [tee hee]