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Spies at the FBI?, Part II

July 14, 2004

(archived broadcast )
A special guest, former FBI translator Sibel Edmonds , returns to THE INSIDE SCOOP to give an update on her case against the FBI.
Ms. Edmonds notified the FBI about an attempt by a fellow translator to recruit her into a foreign organization in exchange for classified information. The FBI promptly fired her for her warning about spies at the FBI and the overall incomptence of the FBI translation department.
Now the lower court has ruled, and Sibel will be on THE INSIDE SCOOP to tell us about it.

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  • nathan February 10, 2005 3:26 am

    valueble govt. asset for exposing another one of their lies…’course–after murdering 3,000+ citizens and going to war under false pretenses (1,400+ dead solders and countless iraqi and afghan dead..) I suppose outing one spy must seem like piss in the ocean. However, I think that this could be the administration’s fatal blunder…if Novak’s sources can somehow be confirmed, ( 2 senior white house officials )this is a crime!

  • nathan February 10, 2005 3:05 am

    the sibel edwards story must be brought to light…as well the despicable laura wilson affair– I still can’t believe the viciousness of this attack…jeopardizing the life of a highly trained,

  • Gordon August 9, 2004 2:08 pm

    What is the status of the two moles who went to Belgium–are they sought by the FBI? Is there any indication that there was treasonable intent in any of their actions? What does the 9/11 Commission know of this? Tell us more about the attempted bribe (didn’t Sibel indicate she wasn’t the only one offered bribes?) What about their and her personal safety?

  • EGFeitler August 9, 2004 2:07 pm

    Interesting that the “whistle blower law” does not exist at the FBI and the person warning got the axe. WHAT else is the FBI hiding and doing”wrong?”
    Good luck with ferreting out items that should be known, screend from publication in the newspapers and only hinted “at”.