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Sunday Weekly Review

May 21, 2006

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  • Denial is not a cure May 30, 2006 9:04 am

    Now Iraq has its own My Lai massacre and is becoming more and more a microcosmic version of Vietnam teaching the same pathetic lessons
    Will our next generation have to live these lessons again?
    A Worthy Cause
    The struggle is not so much about us anymore,
    but for the next generations
    and the world they face;
    the same lessons that must be learned,
    because we did not learn them.
    Time heals nothing by itself;
    mistakes must be confronted,
    brought to the light,
    and pain burned away
    on the altar of forgiveness.
    Cry when we have to cry,
    and the need to cry ultimately
    will be over.
    Pray fear and regret into peace and serenity
    by putting failing into God’s hands;
    and see the love the Universe offers
    that we may receive it,
    And teach that
    our sons and daughters
    and their babies
    may have life
    and a future to be,
    a worthy destiny.