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Who Should Control the Internet?

May 15, 2006

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Currently, the Government controls the Internet and does not allow discrimination on who uses it or how they access it, a principle called “net neutrality.” Even if you use one telecommunications company, for example, you can access a competitor’s website.
Large telecommunications want to control Internet access so they can profit better from it. Congress is poised to let them do it with the COPE Act, scheduled for a vote in May and sponsored by Joe Barton, Republican of Texas, Chairman of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce. Barton has received substantial donations from industries poised to make billions if the COPE Act becomes law.
Guests: Lauren Coletta, Director of Media for Common Cause
and Scott Cleland, Chairman of Net Competition.Org and Founder of Precursor LLC, an industry research and consulting firm,

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  • Fred Dawes August 5, 2006 7:00 pm

    who should control the internet? “NO ONE”, To ask that means someone wants big money and power to stop ideals, that is what control is all about.
    the internet was made for people to find-out things to ask about things to do things of freedom, and to play sex games and look at the world. the internet is to know things to question ideals to see to love to be and to understand, and this will all come down to one thing in the end game, prison and murder for political control of evil. ask who is who and who wants your brain and your life?

  • #666 June 16, 2006 10:07 am

    It’s Bill Gates, right?

  • Jeremy H June 12, 2006 12:11 am

    Want to know who really controls the world? Just answer this one question for yourself,and you will be getting very close to the answer….
    Is there one man,with a soverighn political/religious orginization,that has influence worldwide? The Bible most definitively reveals who this one man is,he is refered to in the Biblical sense as the antichrist.
    Any idea who this one man might be? Would you like to see Biblical proof,foretold of aeons ago?