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June 18, 2004

(archived broadcast )
Have you heard about Prince Ahmed?
Ahmed is a Saudi Prince who was warned in advance by Bin Laden about the upcoming September 11th terrorist attacks.
On September 11th, Prince Ahmed was betting on horses in Lexington, Kentucky but, fearing capture by the US and interrogation, he asked George W. Bush to personally intervene and overrule the US officials who grounded him.
And Bush intevened, allowing Prince Ahmed and dozens of members of the Bin Laden family to fly out of the United States on the days just following September 11 when all other American private jets were grounded.
What? You haven’t heard about Prince Ahmed? Then you obviously haven’t got THE INSIDE SCOOP.
Today, we replay an INSIDE SCOOP classic, Mark’s interview with Craig Unger, Author of House of Bush, House of Saud.
No calls today…just sit back and hear about the Bush-Saudi connections to the tune of $1.4 billion, connections that the mainstream media STILL hasn’t reported.

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  • hazman October 21, 2004 3:52 pm

    Mark, don’t let Ben distract you! He’s playing the same game that all those Bush zombies are so good at. Instead of having to own up to the fact that their beloved leader lies like a cheap rug, he’s trying to attack you personally so you’ll have to expend more effort on defending yourself than on pointing out flaws in the present administration that he can’t discredit.
    Keep in mind that he has not denied any of your accusations against the Bush clan(and, coming from Florida, I think I’m using the term “clan” correctly here). Instead, he looks for ANYTHING that you say that he can use as a diversion.
    Stand your ground. You are in the right!
    Shame on you, Ben. Americans deserve better.

  • Mark Levine June 20, 2004 2:56 pm

    1. I’m glad you agree with me that we should give tax incentives to those who choose vehicles that reduce our dependence on foreign oil rather than increase it.
    2. If Iraq was not about oil, what was it about?
    3. As for tonight’s show, Ben — it’s Sunday, so you have no work concerns. I challenge you to call in and debate with me live on air!

  • Ben June 20, 2004 1:52 pm

    I agree with you that they should state the reason for use. Dr’s and lawyers have no reason for recieving a tax break, but there are dishonest people in the world that cheat the system.
    I would support a tax break for hybrid cars for business purposes. for instance if a company had the choice of gas driven truck and a hybrid only give a tax braek on the hybrid (assuming it doesnt cause performance problems for the company)
    I do beleive there is a certain ammount of usage that has to be business and only a small ammount can be personal use, so it would be very hard to prove. For instance my freinds dad owns a business, his dad bought him a sports car for his 16th birthday through thier company…so this is not just an SUV problem. People can write off any car for business purposes.
    You make the mistake of assuming iraq is about oil…there is not one peice of evidence suggesting that. As far was the money for the way is concerned, wars cost money. Ill remind you we were in a war time economy from WWII until Bill Clinton took office and we now see how that affected our economy. I know you are going to talk about the jobs and the economy durring his office but what about the economy Bush recieved…democrats were blaming the economy on Bush days after he took office!
    I have read the show for tonight adn I can tell from the overview it is going to be full of half stories. You all ready missed the point! We were never told iraq was behind or helped 9/11. We were told Iraq and al quaida have connections…Russian intelligence has now toldus they recieved information that Iraq was going to carry out terrorist acts against the US.

  • Mark Levine June 20, 2004 11:25 am

    Hey Ben,
    How about if we require all those that use the SUV for “business reasons” to state the business reason on the tax return? I understand the business reason for a UPS truck, but what could possibly be the “business” reason a rich CEO or doctor/lawyer/accountant needs an SUV?
    And, how about this, if someone who takes the tax break is caught using the SUV to haul around the family for personal reasons — say, he/she get a ticket with the family in tow and tells the cop they were going to the beach — you have to pay back the tax exemption for all the years you’ve used it and then double it as a fine?
    Got a problem with that?
    And how do you feel about a tax break for hybrid cars, soybean-powered cars and other vehicles that actually help decrease our dependence on Saudi and Arab oil? It would be a hell of a lot cheaper than the at least $300 billion and thousand lives we will expend in Iraq!