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The End of M&M Fridays…..

July 29, 2007

Regular listeners of The Power, Channel 169 on XM Radio, know that Mark Thompson’s show “Make it Plain” has just been cancelled there. This ends 19 years of Mark Thompson’s tremendous presence on both Washington DC and national radio and also ends, of course, M&M Fridays.
That’s too bad. For a year now, Mark Levine and Mark Thompson have had probably the most prominent radio show in the country that featured a white guy and a black guy co-hosting a political show and unafraid to openly discuss questions of race. Perhaps it can be reconstituted in the future. If you are an XM listener or have a comment on “M&M Fridays,” please feel free to leave it here.
UPDATE: Mark Thompson has been hired by Sirius to bring “Make it Plain” there. Congratulations to Mark! And we’re hoping we can resurrect M&M Fridays as well. Contact Sirius and ask them to hire Mark Levine. Mark Thompson will be on the Inside Scoop this Wednesday Oct. 17to discuss his future.

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  • Times up on punk-ass warmongers March 21, 2008 10:05 am

    Simple Simon–when we have people in our government for the wrong war for the wrong reasons that they try to make–ring true–seems to be the main dangerous concern for all Americans
    and allies of the human species

  • simon shupak March 21, 2008 1:36 am

    Obama was against the war for wrong reasons, out of his concerns for other than America.
    A pastor is a matter of choice, a grandmother is not.
    His grandmother is not prejudicial, she stressed how wrong she was and obviously is not.

  • RerDootte November 23, 2007 6:36 am

    Saudi Arabia and Libya were the source of about 60 percent of the foreign fighters
    who came to Iraq in the past year to facilitate attacks.