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The New Island of Lost Poems

July 28, 2007

Get your poems here! Fresh, new poems from the fervid imaginations of the Scoopers.

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  • Col. Blisteronmybutt October 13, 2009 10:26 am

    No Return to Eden
    War, war, war,
    more, more, more
    quasi-imperialism in store
    for the nation already sore,
    and wondering what militarism is good for,
    will the present incursion
    even decrease our depression
    into the face of fear,
    oh Lord,
    when will we finally learn our lesson
    that compassion is the true cure for terror,
    as well as our dysfunctional desire
    to corrupt our relationship with nature,
    so we stare with despair
    into the abyss
    that stares back into us,
    while the question of our survival
    at this point of no return to Eden,
    has become quite rhetorical.

  • Tao McMao October 13, 2009 10:22 am

    Divine Mission
    One way in,
    one way out,
    this dense dimension,
    living and dying are the same thing,
    for people perfect in their passion,
    propelling light upon the illusion
    to protect creation from destruction,
    such vision is divine
    within this sacred mission
    seeking harmonious solutions
    to separation’s questions,
    may dear souls illumine the desperation,
    before leaving,
    with compassion for all beings,
    and lessen the pain
    for everyone.

  • Hercules McSmith June 22, 2009 8:35 am

    Song of Love
    You’re as close as my heartbeat,
    in my breath,
    and in my unspoken intimate thoughts,
    in my inspiration
    dwells your memory
    as a delicate trust
    that comforts me,
    when I feel alone,
    time and space are but an illusion
    of separation,
    life springs eternal
    as truth goes on,
    singing a song of love.

  • Nguyen McSmith June 6, 2009 8:19 am

    Smiling Dragon
    I’m not fabulous,
    perhaps rather average,
    not too big, not too small,
    not so pretty,
    looks edging on mediocrity,
    but still I’ll never be
    a polyester embezzler
    or a slick-tongued con-man
    brimming with hypocrisy,
    just a loyal dragon
    humble, unafraid, and grateful,
    and sometimes,
    I’m even a poet
    with a loving smile,
    and a hard-on.

  • Hobo Hal May 29, 2009 8:16 am

    The Wandering Mind
    The little child
    screams its immediate fright
    through a moment of instant terror,
    while the more mature
    picks and chooses
    what fear to remember,
    painting a personal picture
    of perceived imperfection,
    the ego’s grand illusion,
    sailing up the river of denial
    full of snapping crocodile,
    devouring vicarious expectation
    for the duration of the expedition,
    such is life
    along the rugged terrain
    of vivid imagination,
    threatening love to bring it on
    for a limited occasion,
    before sinking into the soupy brine
    of carefully designed delusion,
    ending the fantasized adventure,
    if only for a while,
    and impending realization
    sets in,
    for the wondering mind,
    wandering the psychic dimension.