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The Tax Compromise on CNBC

December 6, 2010

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  • AMegill December 9, 2010 11:32 am

    Mark why is it you always avoid the point made by the person who commented? I see nothing in their statement about not paying a tax. What I do see is your failure to explain how this is a tax CUT. You and the other left wing liberals can’t seem to figure out when you leave something in place it is neither a cut or an increase. You would have to CUT the tax rate for it to increase the deficit. Put that in front of any 5th grader and they could figure it out and they would not have to name who their Harvard professor was.Let me put it this way. If your electric bill was $10 for the past 8 years and stays $10 is that a cut or a raise?
    Yes cut spending as any credit repair counsler whould show you. Quit with the pork as the Dems tried to put in the unemployent extenison bill. Ask Dave Ramsey to show the Dems. how to turn small cuts into large savings. Your answer is always D “Tax the rich” So how much is OK to tax the rich?
    You and the “Progessives ” scream about how much Exxon make, but fail to figure out exactly hom much that breaks down to per gallon of product they sell. And who should that money go to? Those that earned it like the stockholders. Or the Government who just gives it to someone to teach the African male how to wash himself after sex?
    Clinton’s great surplus that was heading south because of his policys during his last year. And continued into the Bush years but was never labeled as being inherited, like they do with the Bush into the Obama years.
    Come on Mark I’ve seen enough of this BS you and the Libs pushed for 30 yrs before you were born. It hasn’t changed.

  • Mark Levine December 7, 2010 11:26 pm

    So Jay, are you against all taxes? You want to live in anarchy?

    Assuming the answer is no and you do believe some taxes are justified to pay for the Government that the People elect, do you believe we should:

    a) Run a massive debt and always tax people less than we spend, until interest on the national debt becomes higher than total tax revenues forcing a massive tax increase on future generations?

    b) Cut spending? If so, specifically what would you cut to make up the over $1 trillion deficit? Please find me programs totaling $1 trillion that would you cut/remove.

    c)Tax the middle class and poor, people who, when taxed, will stop spending and send our economy into a further downward spiral?

    d) Tax people who will hardly notice you’re taxing them because they’re so rich that their spending habits aren’t affected by a 3% increase in taxes, thus returning them to the Bill Clinton tax rates that produced the largest surplus in American history (and giving them a $25,000 bonus over those years)?

    e) Some other solution?

    Please, using logic, answer the above question. My answer is d). What’s yours?

  • JAY December 7, 2010 10:48 pm

    Its not a Tax break, its to keep the tax rate the same is all until we can see the outcome of the O’Bummer 9.2 to 14.1% unemployement rate. Mark you need some more advanced education.
    It’s a right to earn as much money as one can in america. All this talk is about one thing. Socialism