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Obama Disappointment

December 7, 2010

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  • Robt December 22, 2010 8:43 pm

    Now that DADT has been repealed. Although exactly how this repeal is carried out. Do they exempt the Marines for a while longer than the other branches for instance. We will seee.
    The President kept another promise. He has kept many and he is only 2 years in. He has met these with the new republican minority imposed 80 vote requirement for anything to come to debate. Let alone vote and pass.
    Now, here is the question, is the gay and lesbian lobby comfortable now to lay back and fade from their lobbying for the progressive movement. They had a place in the progressive movement. Will they wane from such a political libbying force?
    Will they lean republican now they have DADT?
    The Log Cabin republicans stayed loyal to the GOP each time they slandered and push down these civil rights.
    What do you think?

  • AMegill December 18, 2010 1:04 pm

    Mark lets look at fact, not yours not the Obama machine. In todays business. The company has already laid off several people, the ones left have been told they have to pick up the other jobs as part of their work. My wife now does the the jobs of 2.5 empolyees. no increase in pay. Just do the job. You and the liberal/progressive do not seem to understand the real world. I watched a professor from Occidental College tell someone that every man, woman and child should be guaranteed healthcare, a job, unemployment insurance and several other items by the government. What would this do to individual initiative. Why look for a better job if the government is going to supply the jobs. How would this pay scale work as the Progressives seem to believe nobody should be poor or rich only in the middle. Her logic makes no sense either, but she is teaching students with this frame of mind. She said that the tax rate should be in the area of 90%. Hell why work at all. Mark I hear statements like hers and yours and think get a real job get out there with those who have to brownbag lunch. You made a statement about giving up a large amount of your pay for your business, well to give up that much and still live as you have been you must be one of those greedy rich who won’t miss it. Do you think the government would be able to afford this kind of welfare state. Do you think any business would want to stay. you take away the workers pride in making things better.
    You just answered my question about the tax cut. It’s not a cut it’s status quo. So it won’t increase any deficit as the Obama ,Reid Pelosi lie machine say. Now Obama is saying how it will create jobs. Wow Mark do you really believe his change?? I don’t it’s political BS.
    As far as the earmarks. Yes I agree ALL of them should be cut. Tell the lobbists to go the unemployment line and get a real job. That includes any from the unions. Get them the hell out of the Congress halls. As for that bill your right the ear marks only account for about $300 billion. Thats to much. How much are they robbing from SS to pay other bills like some of the new healthcare costs? And Mark 75% were Democrat earmarks deemed good by Harry Reid as he stated to the news. So yes tell McConnell to agree, but also tell Prince Harry to do the same.
    I agree with doing away with the holds, I don’t agree with filibuster reform or a reduction to 55 votes, for this reason. Any majority Dems or GOP would push through more bills as they did with the healthcare. I would make it harder if any thing. I would do away with reconciliation. Make both sides deabte and come to a compromise on a bill. That would be best for the people. Not Liberals, Progressive, Conservative, or Tea Party. Something that would cover all in the best possible way.Why give them an easier way to push their bias bills through??? The last mid term election said a great deal about how the people are changing. We are no longer going to stand for the same crap we have watched destory our country. You have how ever many years you term is to do your job, not spend us into bankrupcy. Debate get a compromise , or get the hell out of the way for someone who will. It’s thay simple Mark no more far left or right, Return America to what it was, a country that worked for the good of everyone. Not for the nanny state to give millions a free ride on everything.

  • Mark December 15, 2010 6:13 pm

    LOL. You think that someone that makes $1.45 million a year will fire an employee if he only makes $1.41 million a year?
    Do you even understand your own logic?
    If the employer needs the employee because demand for the employer’s products is good, why would the employer fire an employee because of a neglible difference in his income?
    I honestly want to know if you believe your own rhetoric. You really think your wife would be fired if the megamillionaire makes $1.41 million instead of $1.45 million? Does her boss even make a million a year? 999 out of 1000 Americans do not.
    (The tax cut for billionaires and megamillionaires is a cut from the status quo, which is that the rates return to Clinton rates that provided the USA with the best economic decade in American history in 2011 if nothing is done. You’re right that it’s an increase for megamillionaires and billionaires from the ten-year Bush tax cuts of 2001 that squeaked through Congress without enough votes to get a permanent tax cut. We agree on the facts and only have a semantic quibble. Is the status quo the law if unchanged (my position) or the law of 2010 that’s expiring (your position)? Does this semantic game even matter?
    I hate earmarks. The earmarks in the bill do not cost $1.1 trillion. They don’t even amount to 1% of the bill. But I do hate them, and I wish the Republicans would agree with President Obama to ban them. You know, of course, a large part of those earmarks were inserted by Republicans, including the Republican leader in the Senate, Mitch McConnell who’s a big fan of them, right? Will you join me in a letter to McConnell asking him to unilaterally remove his earmarks from the bill?
    Would you also join with the Democrats in banning anonymous “holds” and other ways that individual Senators can muck up the system?
    Would you also agree with filibuster reform? Perhaps a reduction to 55 votes?

  • AMegill December 15, 2010 5:35 pm

    Mark do you understand english? If her boss is forced to pay another 3% in tax’s then He will cut jobs to off set it He has cut to the bone now. So If any companies are forced to cut jobs thats alright with you. No the Republicans want everyones tax to stay the same, don’t try to use liberal logic and ,ake things sound what they aren’t . You still haven’t answered the simple question as to how keeping the tax rates the same is giving anyone cut’s How does keeping the rate the same cost $800 and some billion extra. Come on ypu can run your mouth about other things but you can’t answer a simple question.
    Hey Mark you said that the Dems are the ones who want to stop earmarks. Explain the OMNIBUS bill with over 6000 Democratic earmarks, costing over $1.1 trillion dollars??????

  • Mark Levine December 15, 2010 12:04 pm

    I’ll be happy to address your other arguments later, but let me just say this for now:
    If your wife makes MORE THAN A MILLION DOLLARS A YEAR, I’m confident she can handle the 3% cut in pay.
    And if she doesn’t — and 99.9% of Americans do not — then I support extending the Bush and (larger) Obama Tax Cut for her (or keeping the deficit-busting tax rates current, as I know you prefer I say semantically)
    The Republicans want to RAISE taxes on everyone making under a million dollars, unless those that make over a million get this 3%. Shouldn’t you be arguing with them?