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It IS Class Warfare: Voting Republican Cripples Your Paycheck

October 18, 2010

How will billionaires, banks, insurance companies, and polluters — having already destroyed the economy and our environment — possibly convince ordinary Americans to sacrifice their own children to the ferocious beast they have created that is destroying America as we speak?

It’s a difficult task to be sure, convincing Momma Grizzlies to sacrifice their young to the poachers.

But it sure helps if our President is Black. And if you throw in the lies of “Muslim” and “Kenyan” to boot, the President’s Harvard education — coupled with his ferocious rhetoric suggesting that middle-class Americans are citizens too who also deserve a chance to succeed in life — is obviously just further proof of Obama’s dangerous conspiracy to promote a slave rebellion. Anyone remember Nat Turner?

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  • Alan October 19, 2010 12:25 pm

    Mark you tell lies, you give half truths. How about the whole truth for a change not Liberal BS. Most people with the jobs you give DON’T pay ANY tax. I know I’ve been there it is all or most returned in a refund. The only tax paid is sales and local which is equal for all. Even most of the state income tax is refunded. So is that a lie about the GOP wanting to raise the poor peoples tax a lie or a non-truth??
    Mark your example of is it cheaper is lost when you mention the Auto companies. Over the years what keeps going up in the auto industry??? The wages and benefits of the union workers. Yet you fail to mention these facts As you feel this should happen but those in the Management postion should not get any raise. Even if the union worker screws up and costs the company money he gets his raise. But you don’t feel the same about management. You are one of those who promote “Class warfare”.
    Maryland tried exactly what you and the Democrats puff up your chests and preace tax the rich. It will do so much for the Country. They said by increasing the tax on the rich they would make an extra $100 million. In fact they lost $280 million because the EVIL rich moved out of their state. Fact look it up. Donald Trump when asked about the outlook of this happing Nationaly said no doubt many of the rich would move to more tax friendly countries. You see they are a mobile people who if forced would take their companies and move. Then all you would have is tariffs. and sales tax. You talk about how the GOP hates welfare yet you fail to say anything about the downside of these programs. Fact. Denmark did a report on Unemployment They gave unemployment benefits for 5 years. They found that most people would not really look for work for 4yrs 6 months. They lowered the Benefit time to 4 years. and found again most would not really look for work until 3 years 6 months. Then many would go back and take jobs they were offered within the first 6 monthes of becoming unemployed.
    How about the trouble in France right no the strike because to be able to keep paying the GOVT. paid retirement they want to raise the retirement age to 62. Yup Mark the GOP is what is hurting the economy. We need to give more handouts and make the benefits last longer it works so well in other countries.
    Who the hell are you to tell anyone who has earned their money how they can spend it. Joe Kennedy, you know Teddys dad, earned a lot of his under questionable circumstances. Yet no one of the Democratic party ever told him or any of his family that they were to rich. John Kerry, is he to rich?? Should part of what he has pe taken away and given to the poor. He wanted to keep his new yaght in a cheaper tax state. Or is it only those Evil Rich from the other party. You give a slap at the Oil companies, yet I have asked you a couple times to show me how much those evil profits if give back to the customers would be. How much Mark your the know all lawyer. How much. Should any person be allowed to make a profit? How much Mark? You don’t sell any products, only give your liberal views. So how much of that should be considered profit and how much should you be allowed to keep.Is that alright Mark if we take 50%-60% from you how much Mark? You are awful free with the idea of giving away other peoples money how about yours Or are you like Biden say everyone one should be more patriotic and then only give $1000 to charity for the year? Or like Mrs. Obama preach about obesity and go out for cheesburgers. And have the President make it a big news story everytime he does it.
    Mark no one who can afford their home is being foreclosed on. Those who can’t afford their homes any longer regardless of if they could or could not when purchased are the ones losing their homes as it has been for the last 100 years. If for any reason you can no longer make your payment, the Bank forcloses. You for get who it was that forced the housing costs to do as they did. It wasn’t the GOP who forced the banks to make those loans it was Clinton. So someone else should pay those loans off? Or the bank should just take the hit? No one who signed the loans should take responsibilty? Make this has happened before not to this large exten, but people have been forclosed on and you know what they get back up and try again, if they don’t have some one like you saying, oh it’s not your fault the government will hand you someone elses money so you don’t have to do anything for yourself.
    get a grip Mark. Life is not one big government hand out.