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The Pope's Personal Responsibility for Church Child Abuse

April 5, 2010

Mark is a guest on the Leslie Marshall Show tonight.

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  • Jeff April 9, 2010 10:26 am

    I have long held that it’s not celibacy that causes the sexual perversion. I think that the celibacy DRAWS people with problems, who look at their own troubling unnatural desires as something God, Whose original commandment was to procreate,hates. They think God wants THEM to never to never have sex. So they hide themselves in their work. A young catholic adult who KNOWS he’s attracted to children might think the best place to keep himself away from temptation is in a monastery, surrounded by grown men. But then suddenly there are children in the picture again, not only near him but available.
    Most priests are normal. Most nuns are normal. Most monks are normal. Most of these people become priests and nuns because they want to devote their lives to God. They don’t do it because they want to be celibate.
    But a person who is ALREADY messed up sexually, who also loves God and has a conscience, might be attracted to celibacy, not service, because they see sexuality as a horrible thing. They have horrible thoughts of sex and they scheme to kill children to cover up the crime. He sees his sexuality as a monster inside of him. He will look at a monastery as a place to hide himself AWAY from kids and immerse himself in God and let the Holy Spirit cleanse him. To an extent, that will work. But the service will eventually bring him back around to children.
    Celibacy is an anti-natural thing, and it will attract people with negative thoughts about sex, both the harmless prudes who think God is embarrassed by the sex he so masterfully invented (thank God for big booty and breasts), and it will also attract the sicko who thinks that celibacy will save him from opportunistic trysts. This person thinks that God also hates sex because sex is so unnatural and problematic for them.