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Mark Debates Health Care in Fox Strategy Room

April 6, 2010

It took awhile, but Mark finally obtained the audio and the first ten minutes of video from his March 2010 debate in the Fox Strategy Room on health care.

The first ten minutes of video is here:

To hear the entire 43-minute audio, click below (and start 10 minutes in, if you’ve seen the video above).

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  • Alan April 28, 2010 5:07 pm

    Well Mark the CBO finally said that the bill will cost a lot more, will not cut the Deficit, The Dept. of Health and Human Services said the cost of health care will increase, seniors will have their health care services negatively effected, You now have people finding out they have to wait until 2011 to put their kids (over 21) on the policy and it will cost them more. And others going to Dr.s and Hospitals demanding the “free” healthcare that Obama said they now have. Do you see any Obama media telling about these facts. How long did they report about the increase in costs? you know the Presidents lies or were they just misstatements. Because he would never lie to get what he wanted.