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The Wisconsin Recall Elections [RC]

May 29, 2012

Guest: Paulette Feld, President Wisconsin State Employees Union

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  • nitemare2 June 19, 2012 3:37 pm

    You again lie or at the least give false facts. You say Walker exempted the Police and Firefighters because they endorsed him. Howe many locals out of how many locals endorsed him? 4 out of 314. So you lie. You bring up the Koch bros and fail to acknowledge George Soros. Has he not influenced the liberal agenda with loads of cash? How about the Union leaders? Have they not tried to monetarily influence those who vote for their benefits and wages? Do the union employees care about the people who pay their wages and benefits? Oh wait Obama says the private sector doing fine. You must also believe only those who are rich would want to cut the benefits and wages of public employees. If I haven’t had a wage increase in 4 yrs. why should I not want to pay higher taxes so they can have a raise? If I’m trying to decide if a teacher should have a larger pension on my dollar or try and save my house, oh hell why should I save my house? Mark you and the Raucous Caucus are a bunch of liberal cry babies who want someone else to pay for everything you want. Heaven forbid should you have to pay your own way. Your guest Ms. Field is crying because her local members are “only” making $15.50-$16.50 per hr. as custodians and such. Really Mark? I can show you people with Associates Degrees making about the same money. The members of her local probably don’t have HS diplomas. Yet they cry. And oh no they have to pay PART of their benefits. I’m on SS and have to pay for my Medicare. When I was a Teamster and had a Union pension fund it was robbed by the local President. Don’t get a penny from them. Went to a non-union job and I paid into a 401K, when it was matching funds it was a plus. Never expected anyone else to pay it for me. You need to get off your mothers (the govt) teat and learn to live without asking for someone else to pay.