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The Republican National Convention

September 2, 2004

(archived broadcast )
Zell Miller and Dick Cheney go after the “Angry White Man” vote
Featuring “Osama’s Song,” a country song by Yikes McGee.

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  • Gordon September 5, 2004 8:46 am

    Jay, motivations are a hard thing to get a handle on, but you seem to be a Machiavelli fan. He was a creature whose motivations were trapped within the world of form–the Buddhist might say he has many lifetimes to learn the lessons Maya has to teach him. The silver spoon thing is about the camel and the eye of the needle lesson–and the priveleged and the Bush’s in this respect are not to be envied. And it was the way Bush, Sr. reacted to the “wimp challenge”–he always seemed to overreact(as if he believed it)–is that why he skydives(in tandem)at 80? (It’s an insecurity that has to spill over to the kids)

  • jay September 5, 2004 2:19 am

    to be studied in depth, then people would be able to look at the political parties’ press releases and understand their motivation and strategy. But somewhere in our gene pool is a critter that wants to be led around by the nose and is willing to spill his own blood for the privilege of not thinking.

  • jay September 5, 2004 2:17 am

    I wonder if George H.W. isn’t made that Prescott got busted for doing business with the nazis while Rockefeller didn’t even get a mention. I guess there are different classes of silver spooners even. They probably hate each other more than we might ever hate them. I don’t hate them, I think they’re sick, probably just weened too soon. Everybody has already forgotten that when george h.w. didn’t get reelected, it’s because he had this reputation as a wimp. This is a guy who fought in the war, was a quality college football player. His son, a draft-dodging cheerleader is seen as a tough guy. It’s clear that Americans are easily manipulated. When we cut back funding for education, if we change the curriculum to mandate the Prince of Niccolo Macciavelli

  • Gordon September 4, 2004 12:11 pm

    Ya know, Jay, I’ve spent 30 years tryin’ to resolve that one year I spent in Vietnam, smoked my share-a-dope in the process–I think the right thing, now, was to go to jail–but then, I had enough hate and confusion in my heart that put me in ‘Nam(I was Gung Ho for a while)–I bic what you say about the ‘Nam–and recognize that syndrome has returned cyclically with Iraq–I guess we didn’t learn our history lesson–The Bush, father-son thing is an interesting and scary dynamic–I think the older Bush is a mean guy at a deep level and GW is inherently a nicer guy-but affected by his dad’s insecure meaness–I think the elder Bush always tried to be tougher than he was and prove his toughness(a bad sign)–at the Reagan funeral–Bush “41” had to mention that his dog was tougher that Reagan’s adopted squirrel–I thought that was quite odd and telling–What I got censored for was about Clinton–and Mark gave me enough “on-air” time afterwards to argue, perhaps, in recompence. Mark will always give you enough rope to hang yourself. He is an equal opportunity host.

  • jay September 4, 2004 9:16 am

    I was lucky. Though my parents, parents/grandparents immigration was recent enough to not be forgotten, both love this country, they were wise enough to understand the difference between what was good for america and what was good for Lyndon Johnson. I remember being maybe 7 or 8 years old and thinking how my friends brother-in-law was crazy to enlist, and that if I was drafted I’d be gone to Canada, or waited it out in jail. I couldn’t have seen going to Asia to kill Asians who just wanted to be on their own. Now we know that Johnson invented the Gulf of Tonkin, and I hope your mind is open enough to know that you were betrayed and that your good nature was taken advantage of. Too many people confuse following the current leadership with being a patriot. They should read what George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison had to say about that. I’m not ready to carve Bush, Rumsfeld and Ashcroft into Mount Rushmore. I have nothing against George Bush. It was clear he was going to head for trouble. His father is the number one dope dealer in Earth’s history. How could he stop his son from getting high on the supply? George H.W. is the one that makes me wonder. Was he incompetent or mean or both?
    Gordon, did you make some comments that Mark had to censor? If you did, don’t worry about it. I know about betrayal at a lower level than you must, and I’m able to empathize a bit.