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The Supreme Court's Abortion Decision

April 30, 2007

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Guests: Judie Brown, Co-Founder of the American Life League
and Jim Southworth, whose wife carried a terminally ill fetus to birth and who wishes that the intact D&X procedure (so-called “partial-birth abortion” by its opponents) had been used prior to birth to save his family the agony of giving birth to an infant with a genetic abnormality so severe that it would die within a week after birth.

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  • Robt May 19, 2007 2:54 pm

    Does anyone truely believe that if (forbid) a prominent Republican’s wife was impregnated by a rapist. She would fall into the law and have to carry that baby?
    The last Republican debate it was asked if a woman should be forced to carry out and birth a child from a rpaist. The Republican presidential wanna-be answered, “Yes”.
    His answer is really to the question, should others, commoners, middle class and the poor be forced to birth to a rapists child?
    Some people insert themselves completely where they do not belong. In a time when our justice system has become ” a monetary worth tierd system”.
    The laws shall not apply to the wealthy. We see that every day now in all matters of law.
    Why do some feel that only they can decide what is best in everyone elses situations. And that others are incapable of making their best decisions for themselves?
    We have many prisons of children uncared for after their birth. Many because of desparation,
    lack of education, love, family, opportunities.
    How many has Vicky taken care of.?
    I know you can’t and you do what you can. But it is beyond you and your world. And it is overwelmingly beyond me as well.
    If there are that many abortions that if laws change and all but the welathy must dirth pregnancies. Who and where does the care come from. Because me and you cannot do that. Dobson with his wealth, mass following, and organization doesn’t. Unless it give a photo op in his favor.
    You know, helps with donations.
    Falwell did not. When it can be completely displayed where the care needed for every child is in place, I will consider “banning” But until then I will support abortion rights but not support abortions.