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Time for a Change? A Debate

August 30, 2006

Guest: Mike Lane, President of IntElephant Strategies, a consultant who works to elect Republicans.
A preview of the politics and themes of Election 2006, now just a little over two months away.

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  • Robt August 30, 2006 6:19 am

    After Katrina hit. There was alot of implying ( maybe more than implying ) on the part of the right, the media on the right (especially right wing radio), and many that repeated the following general statement,
    ” That those hit by Katrina sat and expected and depended on the GOVERNMENT to protect them”, ( as if depending on Govt. help for such is a crime and it was not a Government function). Repubs enabled that implication by not speaking up against this talk. Makes me think they believe it.
    But when it comes to terrorism those on the right think it is there only duty to protect us and they act as if “only” they can perform the governmental protection. No matter what the people think. Kind of oppossing opposites of the sane thing on Republicans part.
    What is Mike’s strategy advice to those he helps to elect that, have taken the position and have the frame of mind that those hit by Katrina
    were merely misguided dependents looking for protection of Government. Does Mike think these Repubs should tell voters to protect themselves from terrorism? But what of these repub candidates that took the low position of katrina depenents on government?
    And aren’t people dependent on Government to protect them from terrorism? Katrina didn’t reek terror?
    I see Republican candidates that have basically called Katrina victims Government dependents that should of fended for themselves.
    even though the nation has witnessed many hurricane and FEMA was there in organized force.
    These same candidates must now convince us voters that we need to be dependent on (same Republican)
    Government to protect us (to depend on them) and we should give them our vote in November?
    Mike, one thing is sure in this world right now. That is you will have plenty of difficult over-time for quite some time.

  • Robt August 30, 2006 12:03 am

    Fun Questions for Mike Lane.
    -Does Mike have any plans to help Katherine
    Harris with her challenging endeavor?
    Or does Mike have any advice for her latest
    campaign manager? Can he help her, she
    really needs his expertise.
    -What is Mike or his Party doing to
    help Adam Schlesinger’s campaign against
    Ned Lamont. Did the Conneticut State GOP
    tell Mike as well as Ken Melman to stay of
    Conneticut? Ken Melmean did say he was
    told to stay out by the state GOP race.
    Why wouldn’t Schlesinger want help when he
    obviously trails desperately in need of
    such campaign assistance. Does Mike agree?
    -Is it Mike that is advising George (Macaca)
    Allen, Conrad (little illegal Hugo
    My painter) Burnes, or even Tramm (blacks
    can’t swim) Hudson?
    -Does Mike feel that this Republican
    “cockiness” is warrented and that this
    Quaint arrogance energizes the Republican
    base and appeals to the independent minded?
    -Busby made a slight of tongue in the San
    Diego special election of Duke Cunningham’s
    Seat. And it cost her even though she made
    a good clarification of her lapse.
    Does Mike see the same punitive damage
    imposed by voters on Allen, Burnes, and
    Hudson, Harris, et al as with Busby?