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TORTURE: How Bush Made Sadism an American Value

June 13, 2004

(partially archived broadcast )
Torture, unlawful detention, and violation of international law and norms are no accident under the Bush Administration.
Despite Bush’s public protestations, they were not done by army privates “acting on their own.”
They are official government policy.
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  • Deborah October 5, 2004 7:47 pm

    Ben,you are obviously a very passionate person regaurding your personal choice. However, I happen to know Rex. I can tell you that he graduated with the highest GPA ever achieved at his high school. He was given up for adoption at the age of four. His grandparents adopted him and reared him in a very strict Christian home. I mostly would like to convey to you that you are very mistaken. Rex has read the entire Bible four times. Oh, and he was also a member of MENSA for a short while during his college days.

  • ben June 16, 2004 2:41 pm

    Rex you have obviously not read the Bible…read then perhaps we can have an intelligent conversation.

  • Ben June 16, 2004 2:38 pm

    You all need to get a clue…this is not torture!!! and if it were ask yourself how many of our enemies would you be willing to torture to save 1 american life? how about 100? how about 3000? Looking back at sept 11th…had we obtained one of the hijackers would have you been willing to torture him in order to stop the attacks?
    Neither rumsfeld or ashcroft is going to get blamed for this. This is a war! bad things happen in a war! On top of that the ringleader of the abuse has a long history of abuse prior to iraq…so he obviously would not need orders carry out such acts…
    Everyone of you base your entire thougth process on chance and speculation…and most of you have never given bush a chance…I remember a day after he took office democrats were on TV blaming the economy on him…24 hours!!! Your hatred for our president overshadows your ability to see what is really going on, and until you give the guy a chance you will bash every decission he makes…

  • Gordon June 13, 2004 10:33 am

    Memos authorizing and defining terms of Iraqi prisoner torture have cooked Gen. Sanchez(the administration hopes this will be the apex of the scandal)–but I don’t think watchdogs should settle for anything less than Rumsfeld’s and now Ashcroft’s(due to his recent contemptible to congress remarks)heads on a platter.

  • Deborah June 11, 2004 4:34 pm

    First, I am an American! That is such a powerful statement. In order to qualify; I must carry the burden of error’s reflected, on me, as a citizen, and the wonderful things that America is so well known for. It is easy to choose to be for one decision or another. Wake up, please! When we vote for a President, we vote for all the decisions that he makes. Lately, it seems that our true colors are not shining through! This makes “us”, (Americans), look as if we are the poor decision makers. Remember; the Presidents decisions start with our decision to vote. So, vote, darn it!!