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October 1, 2007

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The Canadian Dollar is more valuable than ours!
Strike at GM Over
Republican Presidential Candidates Snub Blacks
Limbaugh Snubs the Military!
More on Children’s Health Care
Rich Get Richer While Poor Get Poorer
Military Contractors: Dangerous and Expensive
Optimism in the Middle East?

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  • Tech # D-2 October 4, 2007 8:28 pm

    Nighty night Dave.
    We’ll be watching you.

  • DaveG October 4, 2007 6:38 am

    For several years now any computor that I visit, that computor is immediately invaded by high tech Fed Hacker Agent types. When I go to a game or a chat room they go with me. I have been asked to document some of my experiences and to provide what evidence that I can. I will try but it has been ongoing for years so I will only provide limited sampling.
    E-mail; Is always reviewed and much gets blocked out, incoming and outgoing. I have set up a number of e-mail accounts and on each of them I have set up a folder for blocked outgoing. Those folders are now quite extensive. I have invited others to go on line as me on one of my e-mail accounts and asked them, as an example, to try to send an e-mail to anyone at Common Cause. They encounter the same experiences, the messages will be blocked.
    Blogs and chat-rooms. Most of these I am blocked from joining and always need the tech help of others to get on. One exception is the blog. It is tied into the Mark Lavine radio talk show and requires no registration. When I began rvisiting Marks blog a few hard line right wingers also joined. They were rude and disruptive. There purpose was to protect asnd defend the administration that retains them. They saw their job as changing the subject. Mark refers to his site as a place where you get to here the truth that this government doesn’t want you to hear. The visitors that arrived with me would prove that to be the czase. Government corruption was not to be exposed and they were most abrasive towards all who tried. They would raise subjects of abortion, the failings of science and theories of evolution, bad popes – almost anything other than the corrupt government that employed them. One made blatant threats to me and on one blog page two of them came strait out about how much they hated being assigned to me and of how those that they replaced had shared their same views on that. That particular page would later disappear from the archives but not before I shared it with others that were most surprised.
    Perhaps the most persuasive evidence of this problem came from Mark himself. He had the technology to track blogers to their location, there isp. He found that at least one of the worst offenders was posting from his FBI isp. I believe that Benedict@Large formeerly of the Thom Hartmann chat room has had similar experiences.
    The Thom Hartmann & HORN (Head on Radio Network). Some have given up on one or both of these chat-rooms because that someone else was posting as them. I am regularly kicked off of these chats by my hackers who are able to kick me off the Internet. On occasions when I got back in the chat room I would find that someone else was postiing as me and I would report it to Moderator. When he could trace them he would ban them from the chat which would prove only a minor inconvenience for them because they could promptly sign back up as someone else and posting from a different site or comp.
    4) I did not want this to be a long message but something needs to be said about how or why these Techs got assigned to me 24 – 7. Some years back I had exposed a major corporate – government fraud & I exposed it to elected world leaders all over Europe, Australia, Canada and such. Most received my report with concern and many called for investigations. I have never been alone on an Internet computer since.

  • Robt October 2, 2007 5:08 am

    You are likely right that they attack (put down) because they cannot stand on lack of substance (unable to elevate themseles).
    Rush really has no credibility with me on military matters. He knows nothing of the military and its experience.
    Rush is out there pretending to be Rambo,Cheney is the Shadow and Bush is a cowboy. The cartoon network is more seriously appealing.
    Its just that Rush is a refueling publicity stop on the Republican main highway. He is a GOP media standard, The GOP flagship media station. Most of us realize that.
    Rumsfeld, Cheney, And the gang stop in with Rush often to espouse their lack of the ability to think and talk at the same time, with no piercing questions. The GOP Radio Rhetoric network.
    They know Rush has spoken smear attacks and does on a regular basis, he gets the GOP memos daily. Remember the name calling of Jack Murtha and dishonoring his service by Rush and the right?.
    They have dissed almost every military person, including John McCain’s service, But act as if the defferment crowd that resemble a “Bucket of chickenlegs” is the military supporter.
    Rush has actually said many a time that he is an entertainer not a reporter or journalist. He knows he has a following and that following takes him seriously at every lying word he entertains with. That is irresponsible on his part while using the airwaves.
    People like Rush never really put themselves in a position that they couldn’t cut off the caller that makes the radio host sound bad.
    But it bothers me that the GOP has put Rush on the Armed Forces Radio. The Iraqi’s listen in and get all agitated and then there is a car bomb.
    I watch Olberman interview Ret. Gen. Batiste.
    Olberman asked the Gen. about his thoughts of Rush’s spoken opinions of “phony soldiers” and Rush criticizing Max Cleland(viet vet), chuck Hagel (Viet Vet), Jack Murtha, etc. Gen Batiste was vry clear on the issue. I recommend finding it on Kieth Olbermans site and watch it.
    Rush should not be on the Armed Forces Radio.
    He messes with the troops morale..