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Will the Election Be Free and Fair?

October 18, 2004

(archived broadcast )
Mark takes on the election officials of Maryland and Florida.
Guests: Maryland’s Election Director Linda Lamone and Jenny Nash, Press Secretary for Florida Secretary of State Glenda Hood, the Republican former mayor of Orlando personally chosen by Governor Jeb Bush of Florida to replace Katherine Harris.

Will you be allowed to vote? To register?
Will your vote be counted?

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  • Fred Dawes October 22, 2004 6:08 pm

    Is that a joke question? hell no the vote is always used by people who don’t want you to win or want a socialized political ideas. and it is worsening, and for who’s interests/ CAN WE SAY SUICIDE NATION?

  • John Fitzpatrick October 19, 2004 6:28 pm

    Dear Mark,
    Regarding your show yesterday and the comments from the election official from Maryland. She said the CA. Diebold Touch Screen machines had been recertified in CA. That did not seem right to me, or you I thought. I called the CA. Secretary of States office today and spoke to a election official. The answer in his words were “the answer you want is not that simple”. He explained that 4 counties that had Diebold Touch Screen machines had not recertified them. Two other counties had recertified the Diebold Touch Screen machines, but these machines gave a paper record and their source code was made available to state election officials along with some other safe guards. What I said to him is basically these two machines were recertified because they provided all the safe guards that people questioning Diebold and their machines had been requesting. He said “yes”. One other county had certified Optical Diebold voting machines which do not generate the same concern as the Diebold Touch Screen machines to my knowledge. So the election official from Maryland’s answer was bit off to say the least.
    As always keep up the great job.
    Take Care,
    John Fitzpatrick

  • Joe Stalin October 19, 2004 2:24 pm

    What do you suggest, Californian–some egg-throwing in Congress? Or are you subliminally suggesting Civil War if you don’t get what you want–certainly don’t expect fairness in our elections this time around.