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How Many Iraqi Civilians Have We Killed Thus Far?

April 21, 2005

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President Bush has said “every life matters,” so much so that he interrupted his vacation solely for the symbolic purpose of signing a bill to overturn a court finding that a woman unconscious for fifteen years preferred to die with dignity (Terri Schiavo).
But “every life”, according to our President, does not include Iraqi civilians we must justifiably kill in order to force the country to accept 14 American bases and to sell us oil.
Even one thousand Iraqi lives — people with perfectly functioning brains and entire lives ahead of them — are not worth one Terri Schiavo. Bush doesn’t care whether we kill 1000, 10,000, 100,000, or a million. Iraqi lives are so worthless. They’re not even worth counting.
My first guest, Father Simon Harak argues that “love your enemies” is an absolute, not relative, Christian injunction and the lives killed as the result of the invasion in Iraq should not be ignored by American Catholics.
My second guest, Dr. Scott D. Lipscomb, a Northwestern University Professor, is keeping a body count. He is the Assistant Researcher & US Spokesperson for Iraq Body Count.
Father Harak and Dr. Lipscomb thinks Iraqi civillian lives killed by Americans do have value. Do you agree? Why doesn’t the Pentagon?

Wednesday Week in Review

April 20, 2005

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Mark’s thoughts on:
The new Pope Benedict XVI (Cardinal Ratzinger)
The postponement(!) of the Bolton nomination vote due to the courageous defection of Senator Voinovich of Ohio,
And the continuing corruption of Tom “I plead the Fifth but Keep the Bribes Coming” Delay.
PLUS an inexpensive way to purchase the Republican Congress…it’s cheaper than you think! and, of course, you have to go through Tom Delay…the shocking Heritage/Malaysia Money Scandal!
Finally, check out this powerful, unrefuted evidence that the 2004 Election was fixed: Report of US Count Votes’ National Election Data Archive Project: Analysis of the 2004 Presidential Election Exit Poll Discrepancies

Debate Tuesday

April 19, 2005

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Like rats deserting a sinking ship, Republicans are increasingly saying that Majority Leader Tom Delay should stop relying on his privilege against self-incrimination and answer the serious questions about his corruption, criminal activity, and ethical violations.
But one Republican is not deserting his fearless leader: our guest today, Jim Parmelee, Chairman of the Northern Virginia Republican PAC. He’s one of the few Americans left defending Delay’s corruption and refusal to answer questions about it. Call in and challenge Jim!
Other topics which may be discussed:
– Thoughts on the new Pope Benedict XVI (Cardinal Ratzinger)
– Why Senator Rick Santorum’s in political trouble;
– Why Republicans believe that $7 million is not enough money for Parris Hilton to get tax free for doing nothing;
– Parmelee’s attempts to defend John Bolton; and
– Anything else YOU care to bring up

The Pathological John Bolton

April 18, 2005

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The Senate Foreign Relations Committee is scheduled to vote tomorrow on the Bush nomination of John Bolton, currently undersecretary of state for arms control, to be United States Ambassador to the United Nations, which, he once claimed in 1994, does not exist.
Guest: Larry Birns, Director of the Council on Hemispheric Affairs and Author of “The Pathological John Bolton”

What's the Matter with Kansas? Voting Against Your Own Best Interests

April 14, 2005

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This panel discussion, from the 57th Annual Conference on World Affairs in Boulder, Colorado, took place before a live audience of about 1000 on April 5, 2005. You can hear it here — without commercial interruption or telephone calls — at
The panelists were Ellen McGirt, Richard Aregood, John Vasconcellos, and Mark Levine .
For more information on the panelists, click the link that shows their name. Each panelist speaks for approximately 10 minutes, followed by questions from the audience. In order to get in all the audience questions, the Internet broadcast exceeds one hour and lasts approximately 75 minutes.

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