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Violence Against Women

November 21, 2005

The Violence Against Women Act expired a month and a half ago. Will Congress renew? How does this legislation actually affect women harmed by domestic violence?
Guest: Allison Randall, Public Policy Specialist for the National Network to End Domestic Violence

So, Was it All About Oil?

November 16, 2005

Remember Ahmed Chalabi? The Iraqi Exile who, with the help of the Neo-Cons, sold the USA on false intelligence in order to get himself installed in power? Well, he’s now Chair of Iraq’s Energy Council, and he has prepared a new oil law, highly favorable to the likes of Exxon and British Petroleum, that will be submitted immediately to the new Iraqi Parliament in the new year. The idea is to fast-track billions of dollars worth of oil contracts to the USA and Britain well before the parliament gets its political footing….
Guest: James Paul, Executive Director of Global Policy Forum, which monitors policy making at the United Nations. Here’s the Global Policy Forum’s position on Iraqi oil contracts

Debate Tuesday

November 15, 2005

Guest: Katherine DeBrecht, Author of Help! Mom! There are Liberals Under my Bed

Debate Monday

November 14, 2005

Guess who’s mad at the Republican Party?
No…not just Mark. Also his guest Michael Lane, President of IntElephant Strategies, a consultant working to elect Republicans to political office.
Of course, Mark and Mike are probably upset at Republicans for different reasons….

The Bush Crony Who Tortured American Teens, Part II

November 13, 2005

Listen here

Why is a man who should be prosecuted for torture appointed by President George W. Bush as Ambassador to Italy?

On Thursday’s show, This Bush Crony Has Blood on his Hands!, THE INSIDE SCOOP was the first radio show to report on STRAIGHT, Inc., the teen-age rehab center more akin to a torture camp run by Melvin and Betty Sembler. Melvin Sembler was for many years until a few months ago, George W. Bush’s U.S. Ambassador to Italy.

The testimonials from victims of this place were so horrific and so numerous that we barely scratched the surface. So reporter John Gorenfeld has agreed to come back to discuss this story this Sunday.

My second guest, Dr. Arnold Trebach, Justice Chief for the U.S. Civil Rights Commission during the Civil Rights Era of 1960-65, is Professor Emeritus at American University and Founder of The Drug Policy Foundation in Washington, DC. For two decades, Dr. Trebach has been investigating STRAIGHT.

My third and most important “guests” are the many survivors of Sembler’s torture and abuse that have agreed to call in as well.

You won’t want to miss today’s show!

Here’s John Gorenfeld’s Article: Ambassador de Sade

If you were a victim of STRAIGHT or you know an on-going drug rehab center where physical and mental abuse occurs, you are strongly encouraged to call in today’s show.

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