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Election Thursday: The Libertarian Party

October 26, 2006

Guest: Stephen Gordon, Communications Director for the National Libertarian Party
What About the Libertarian Party?

Softball: Chris Matthews Takes it Easy on McCain

October 25, 2006

Chris Matthews, host of the putative Hardball sure throws some soft pitches to Arizona Senator and 2008 Presidential hopeful John McCain….

Debate on Marriage Amendment

October 24, 2006

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Mark debates Phil Griffin, a Northern Virginia lawyer and spokesman for Virginians for Marriage
Should all of Virginia’s citizens be allowed to marry? Or just heterosexuals?
Should Churches decide who can marry? Or should the State decide?
How would the Virginia Amendment affect unmarried heterosexual couples?

The Decline of the American Empire

October 23, 2006

With weakness abroad and corruption at home, the American Empire declines…..
Our only hope is a new Government.

Comments: Foley's Last IM: Hastert Covered it Up!

October 22, 2006

from the Local Palm Beach Newspaper: Foley’s Last IM
This is NOT a joke. Viewer discretion strongly urged. For more, click below:

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