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Veterans Speak Out on Iraq!

January 23, 2007

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Iraqi-War Veteran Army Sergeant John Bruhns has had enough of the War there and supports the withdrawal of US forces. This article describes some of his disappointments in Iraq.
Conversely, Retired Air Force veteran and embedded reporter in Iraq Michael Payne supports Bush’s escalation of the War.

Week in Review

January 22, 2007

The Non-Binding Resolution to Oppose the President’s Polices in Iraq…
The Democrats’ First Hundred Hours…
The Beginning of Campaign 2008
And any other news you want to talk about….
Guest: Joe Vecchio from the Cup O’Joe Radio show on the HORN.

Mark on XM Satellite Radio

January 19, 2007

4-6:30 pm Eastern time (3-5:30 Central, 2-4:30 Mountain, 1-3:30 Pacific)
Every Friday, Mark is on XM, Channel 169 (“The Power”) with co-host Mark Thompson
This week, we continue the discussion on outsourcing.

Week in Review

January 18, 2007


Debate Wednesday: The Pelosi Congress in its First 100 Hours

January 17, 2007

Guest: Presidential Candidate John Cox, former President of the Chicago and Cook County Republican Party. Cox has publicly called Pelosi’s 100-hour Democratic Plan “EXTREME”. The Democratic Plan is:
1) Banning lobbyist gifts and travel to Members of Congress
2) Ending secret earmarks
3) Requiring “pay as you go”, i.e. no new debt (what used to be called “fiscal conservatism)
4) Raising the minimum wage over time to $7.25 an hour
5) Implementing the 9/11 Commission recommendations on homeland security
6) Cutting subsidies to the oil industry and promoting alternative energy
7) Promoting stem cell research (including embryonic stem cells)
8) Making college education more affordable through student loans.
9) Making prescription drugs more affordable through Government negotiation of better prices.
Mark thinks all of these proposals are quite reasonable.
But John Cox will tell us why he considers them “extreme.”
And perhaps his answers will explain why his Republican Party not only lost the 2006 elections but is destined to remain a minority party for many years to come…

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