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Week in Review

January 8, 2007


A Bloggers' Convention

January 7, 2007

New Sunday Evenings – 6:30 pm EST!
With the new Democratic Congress underway, what is the focus of the blogs? What are tomorrow’s stories? What “inside scoop” may we expect in 2007?

Comment: Global Warming

January 4, 2007

For those strange wilful non-believers who still reject the notion of Global Warming, I give you this:
Giant Ice Shelf Snaps Free Near North Pole

Comment: The Hanging of Saddam Hussein

January 3, 2007

Comment: More on Carter and Israel

January 1, 2007

I found this article interesting. And the comments to the article are even more interesting!
Other scholarly critiques of the Carter book are found here, and each is well worth reading.
I comment more (and meander a bit) on Carter’s book and dictatorships in the blog below.

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