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Vigil for Orlando

June 15, 2016

'Thoughts and Prayers' Are No Longer Good Enough for Gun Violence Victims

June 14, 2016

I discuss why ‘thoughts and prayer’ from Congress are simply no longer good enough for victims of gun violence. I also discuss Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) and other Senators filibustering in the Senate to raise the issue of Congress’s inaction on laws to prevent future gun violence.

The More You Learn About Trump, the More You Dislike Him

June 11, 2016

Our First Female President

June 7, 2016

I’m joined by callers as I discuss the historical significance of Hillary Clinton becoming America’s first female major party nominee for President.
I also discuss where I think Bernie Sanders goes from here.

Republicans Are Shocked, Shocked to Find Out The Donald is Racist

June 5, 2016

I’m joined by callers as I discuss the irony in the GOP acting shocked that Donald Trump made racist comments towards the judge overseeing the Trump University case.

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