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Why Did Bush Quit Flying

February 10, 2004

Why Did Bush Quit Flying? And why won’t the Media Focus on It?
In all the stories written to date about Bush’s National Guard Service, few, if any, have focused on the undisputed record of the National Guard’s suspending Bush from flying obtained under the Freedom of Information Act.
That the Texas Air National Guard grounded young George W. Bush — a fairly severe discipline — for “[f]ailure to accomplish annual military examination” has gotten little attention in a media more intent on finding out whether Bush was paid in the last half of 1972. Yet this little-exposed document is the key to understanding exactly what happened to Bush during the two years he decided to quit flying for the National Guard.
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Was Bush AWOL from the National Guard during Vietnam? THE COMPLETE DOCUMENTED REPORT

February 8, 2004

Was Bush AWOL from the National Guard during Vietnam?
Mark Levine has examined documents obtained under the Freedom of Information Act to answer this question. His analysis of the evidence, complete with web-links to the documents, is below. He reports; you decide.
Mark Levine interviewed First Lieutenant Robert A. Rogers, the former fighter pilot in the Air National Guard who analyzed these records in this 2000 report, on THE INSIDE SCOOP on Sunday, February 8.
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The Real State of the Union

January 25, 2004

What Bush was Saying under His Breath
Did you catch the President’s State of the Union speech?
Seem like policy gobbledygook?
Were you wondering what he really meant?
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The Paul O'Neil Revelations

January 18, 2004

Who’s In Charge of the White House? (Hint: It ain’t Bush)
Special Guest: Barbara Comstock, Former Spokesperson for the Justice Department
Have you ever had a boss that you knew just wasn’t competent to do his job?
You know the type: he’s been promoted well beyond his ability. Maybe he’s the prior boss’s son. And he does his best to talk a good game. (In fact, you tell him what to say.) But you know that at the end of the day, you have to do both his job and yours while working damned hard to make him look good. And he does his best not to let outsiders know how completely bewildered he is at his job. You pray — hard — that he won’t be faced with a tough decision and screw it up.
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Clark for President

January 11, 2004

General Wesley Clark for President of the United States
Guest: Bill Buck, National Press Secretary for the Clark Campaign
I have endorsed General Wesley Clark for President because I believe he has the integrity, the intellect, and the courage, creativity, and convictions necessary to be an excellent President.
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