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2004: The Year in Review

December 22, 2004

(archived broadcast ) (.wma download)
What went wrong and right for progressives in 2004?
Mostly wrong, right?
Are the rich getting richer? The poor getting poorer? Are the middle class getting squeezed?
Mark’s guest, Andrea Batista Schlesinger, Executive Director of the progressive think tank, the Drum Major Institute for Public Policy, will give us the hard numbers, so that next time a Bush-supporter talks about the “rosy economy,” you’ll have the hard facts.

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  • Dr. Freud December 22, 2004 11:35 pm

    To:To Gordon–I’m open to suggestion–put me in the ballpark–do I need plane-fare? (you know where I’m at)–Are you a little crazy? I know I am (My disclaimer is upfront in my first book)
    I’m more than willing to come to your house offer you forgiveness, nose-to-nose–just so there will be no doubt about my sincerity.
    Actually you have no idea how crazy I am–way beyond the bounds of this lifetime–crazy enough to show you love when I could just as easily kill you–the definition of mercy–don’t be afraid I am your healer
    The Sinner
    The unforgiving mind lurks in darkness,
    full of fear,
    sad without respite and release from its pain,
    peering about in darkness,
    certain of danger waiting,
    torn with doubt, confused, angry, weak, and blustering,
    afraid to come, afraid to go,
    afraid of sound, afraid of stillness,
    terrified of darkness, and light.
    only perceiving its own damnation,
    looking with blind eyes.
    seeing no mistakes, only sins,
    screaming as it sees its own parody of life.
    It wants to live
    wants to die
    This miserable self needs to forgive itself,
    to learn,
    from a teacher,
    a sinner in whom is perceived some light,
    a spark of brightness
    spreading brilliance on a new vision
    shining hope.

  • Skip December 22, 2004 10:34 pm

    Hey there Anonymous,
    If you could explain specifically how fucked up I am, you would have done so a long time ago. No, it’s the same old shouting head bullshit again and again and again. That smoke screen is making you look more stupid every time you shout it out. As far as my math skills, I’m well beyond advanced calculus. Need a little lesson in basic arithmatic? 50%+50%=100% Study that one this weekend. Next week we may progress to imaginary numbers. It’s analogous to your pathetic “reality”.

  • To Gordon December 22, 2004 8:56 pm

    you talk about the police knows better than to come to your house etc. how you want to come to mine. now you are talking forgiveness. you fucking lunatic.

  • Gordon from Bora Bora December 22, 2004 8:47 pm

    Ya oughta say somethun’ Anonymous Mothafucker–you always shoot your mouth off and when I reply–you act like a contrite little bitch–does that bring you respect in your reality–or are all the mirrors in your house cracked?
    You’ve got no name–you admit to my moniker of you–do you have any semblance of credibility at all? Maybe you getting your ass kicked is an ego function for you? Your ego certainly beckons the Universe for punishment–but all I can afford to give you is forgiveness.
    Nature Swearing
    Either as colloquialism or as profanity, it’s just nature screaming.
    I am still as God created me.
    Fear and misery have no meaning.
    They do not exist.
    To remember that is to heal the past and make the future free,
    It enables us to escape the bounds of time and let the present be.
    Deep within you the Holy Christ is waiting.
    Even as the little lizard in Maya’s jungle is squawking,
    “Fok you, fok you,” I hear the lizard say.
    Cast away the ego’s false images and think of God today.
    Perceptions of the baleful cry confuse, only Heaven’s truth hears the message of peace for eternity.