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Debate Tuesday

May 31, 2005

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Mark debates talk show host Jim Greenfield.

Happy Memorial Day!

May 30, 2005

In observance of the Federal holiday, there was no INSIDE SCOOP today.
To all those in the military who fought in any of our nation’s wars or preserve the peace at home or abroad, we salute your bravery and your courage. Whether the wars you fought in were just or unjust, we value your service. In the future, may we have fewer wars.
May we also one day have a Commander in Chief and military officers who recognize that the greatness of America is that we can be humane even in wartime. May we once again be saluted as a “light unto the nations,” rather than seen as a force for oppression.
And may our men and women in Iraq return home as soon as possible. Too many have already died and been wounded and too many civilians have been killed for a war that the President still cannot provide a coherent reason to justify. There are some alive today that will be dead by next Memorial Day because of the failures of our civilian leadership. Bring them home now!

Sunday Weekly Review

May 29, 2005

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Newsweek was right. General Hood has now confirmed that Pentagon spokesman Larry DiRita lied when he said there were no “specific, credible allegations” of Koran destruction. Will DiRita be fired? Will the Bush Administration apologize to Newsweek? Don’t bet on it!
Here’s the released excerpt of the FBI agent’s report on a detainee: “Personally, he has nothing against the United States. The guards in the detention facility do not treat him well. Their behavior is bad. About five months ago, the guards beat the detainees. They flushed a Quran in the toilet.”
Has the Republican grab for power — an attempt to end Constitutional checks and balances — finally gone too far? Does this pre-sage a Democratic victory in 2006? Even without hack-proof voting machines? Possible topics:
— The lowest ever poll ratings for Bush and Congress
— The nuclear “compromise”
— The Government plot to propagandize PBS and NPR
— The rejection of a Democratic bill to strengthen our borders
— Zygotic Stem Cell Research Bill
— Legal Bribery is Commonplace among most Republicans, not just Delay, and even a few Democrats
— Real salaries nationwide decrease on average for the first time in 14 years
— The Administration plays down genocide (it’s only “crimes against humanity”)
— Any other news of the week you wish to bring up

American Terror in Afghanistan

May 26, 2005

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As President Karzai of Afghanistan visits the USA this week, we explore the situation there. According to our guest, John Sifton, Human Rights Watch country specialist for Afghanistan: “It’s a combination of Taliban attacks, corruption, criminal activity and crucially warlordism, often with a close relationship to local authorities.”
Unfortunately we are part of the problem. Sifton says, “As early as 2002, U.S. forces were responsible for torturing and killing prisoners in Afghanistan.”
Remember Afghanistan? The Taliban? Home to Al Qaeda, the perpetrators of 9/11? What is going on there? Is US terror against Afghans the solution to Afghan terror against Americans?

The Battle over "Zygotic" (Pre-Embryotic) Stem Cell Research

May 25, 2005

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Can embryonic stem cells save lives? Cure diseases?
If so, is it moral to destroy them for this purpose?
As the Degette/Castle bill moves through Congress this week, there is an impassioned debate on the morality and efficacy of stem cell research.
Guests: Ross Frommer, an associate Dean at Columbia University Medical Center on the Board of Directors of the Coalition for the Advancement of Medical Research; and
Richard Doerflinger, Deputy Director, Secretariat for Pro-Life Activities, U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops.

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