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Debate Monday

March 27, 2006

Guest: Mike Lane, President of IntElephant Strategies
1. Why is Bush changing the rule for security clearances to encourage blackmail of closeted gay people?
2. Why is the New York Times just now admitting that Bush lied to us, being determined to go to war no matter what Saddam Hussein did?
3. Why do Republicans love massive deficit? Who they want to pay for it?
4. Bush’s immigration policy: helping businesses create second-class citizens.

Sunday Weekly Review

March 26, 2006

Mark’s NOT going away, loyal San Diego listeners. You can still hear him live, downloaded, or podcast right here at this website.
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Mark says: “This is my last week on KLSD in San Diego. I want to thank all of my listeners who have made my show the Number 1 talk show there. I hope to come back to KLSD some day or to Air America which is replacing my program. If you liked my show, you can let them know at Air America (Select Issue: Show Feedback: General Comment About Programming) or
KLSD (Program Director) (scroll to the bottom).”

Debate Monday

March 20, 2006

The Third Anniversary of the Iraqi War
Why Blacks Vote Democratic
Guest: Nina May, Founder and Chairman of the Renaissance Foundation

Will the 2006 Vote Be Counted?

March 19, 2006

My returning guest is Ion Sancho, the Supervisor of Elections of Leon County (Tallahassee) Florida, who is single-handedly fighting Diebold and the Governor and Legislature of Florida to give citizens a meaningful right to vote.
The California Secretary of State Bruce McPherson has approved Diebold voting machines which an independent panel he commissioned certified are easily hackable. Read page 2 of the report. The Secretary of State has asked Diebold to fix the more than a dozen hackable errors, but Diebold has not yet promised to do so.
Why is our right to vote held hostage by three monopolistic corporations?

Mark a Guest on "The Right Balance"

March 17, 2006

Greg Allen of “The Right Balance” interviews Mark Levine.
Information on The Right Balance

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