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Happy Memorial Day

May 29, 2006

A message from my friend Michael North, who says it so much better than I can–
“The next time you hear someone thinking, “Hey, maybe this Iraq thing’s not so bad after all, it’s the thought that counts; who cares about the real reason we went in there. WMD’s or not, we showed them A-rabs not to mess with Texas — maybe if they get a little democracy some day and cool down it will have been worth it — ”
click here — Gallery of the 18-year-olds who have died for George Bush’s fabrications (
Other galleries show all ages, or people who have died from any service, state or city, eg:
For Memorial Day, let’s look silently, with respect, at the faces from our own hometown, our own state.
The finest of our young generation were told deliberate, high-sounding lies, blinded by a counterfeit flag…and went down to die for Republican one-party rule.
And then, in this fundamentally insane situation, when Marines go strange and start killing people — some act surprised. We prosecute them and throw them in jail…the end of their promising lives, no IED required.
They are guilty of negligent homicide, yes, and should be tried and punished — but not for murder. That honor goes to the the coup leaders at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, who provided the means, motive and opportunity. Who loaded the guns but left out the strategy, and the body armor. The higher the rank, the greater the punishment.
“All who are buried here understood their duty. They saw a dark shadow on the horizon, and went to meet it. They understood that tyranny must be met with resolve, and that liberty is always the achievement of courage.”…GWB, May 29, 2006…
Truly respecting these young soldiers — as opposed to cynically “honoring the troops” with high-sounding speeches at Arlington — is the real meaning of Memorial Day, which one day will be restored.

Sunday Weekly Review

May 28, 2006

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The Government is spying on YOU even though YOU did nothing wrong.
Congress doesn’t care.
But when the Government spies on Congressmen who take bribes, Congress throws a temper tantrum!
ALSO the Kennedy-McCain Immigration Bill
AND As I have argued for a year now, Dick Cheney is the Traitor of TraitorGate. More proof comes out in the The Washington Post

Immigration Debate

May 22, 2006

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Mark debates immigration with his guest, conservative commentator Mark Head.

Sunday Weekly Review

May 21, 2006

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Who Should Control the Internet?

May 15, 2006

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Currently, the Government controls the Internet and does not allow discrimination on who uses it or how they access it, a principle called “net neutrality.” Even if you use one telecommunications company, for example, you can access a competitor’s website.
Large telecommunications want to control Internet access so they can profit better from it. Congress is poised to let them do it with the COPE Act, scheduled for a vote in May and sponsored by Joe Barton, Republican of Texas, Chairman of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce. Barton has received substantial donations from industries poised to make billions if the COPE Act becomes law.
Guests: Lauren Coletta, Director of Media for Common Cause
and Scott Cleland, Chairman of Net Competition.Org and Founder of Precursor LLC, an industry research and consulting firm,

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