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Was Election 2006 Rigged?

July 31, 2007

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Will Election 2008 Be Free and Fair?
Mark interviews Jonathan Simon, co-founder of the Election Defense Alliance.
Story Mark referred to on air: In Violation of Federal Law, Ohio’s 2004 Presidential Election Records Are Destroyed or Missing

Debate Monday

July 30, 2007

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Guest: Melanie Scarborough, columnist for the Washington Examiner
What is the future for our Attorney General?
Special Prosecutor?
A bop on the head to end his amnesia?
And what of the other Administration attempts to politicize science?

The End of M&M Fridays…..

July 29, 2007

Regular listeners of The Power, Channel 169 on XM Radio, know that Mark Thompson’s show “Make it Plain” has just been cancelled there. This ends 19 years of Mark Thompson’s tremendous presence on both Washington DC and national radio and also ends, of course, M&M Fridays.
That’s too bad. For a year now, Mark Levine and Mark Thompson have had probably the most prominent radio show in the country that featured a white guy and a black guy co-hosting a political show and unafraid to openly discuss questions of race. Perhaps it can be reconstituted in the future. If you are an XM listener or have a comment on “M&M Fridays,” please feel free to leave it here.
UPDATE: Mark Thompson has been hired by Sirius to bring “Make it Plain” there. Congratulations to Mark! And we’re hoping we can resurrect M&M Fridays as well. Contact Sirius and ask them to hire Mark Levine. Mark Thompson will be on the Inside Scoop this Wednesday Oct. 17to discuss his future.

The New Island of Lost Poems

July 28, 2007

Get your poems here! Fresh, new poems from the fervid imaginations of the Scoopers.

Week in Review

July 26, 2007

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Will Republicans stake their future on preferring tobacco companies over the nation’s poor children?
Will the Attorney General be prosecuted for perjury?
Will Karl Rove disobey his subpoena and also be held in contempt?
Will Harriet Miers and Josh Bolton share a jail cell?
And other news of the week…

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