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The Road-Map to Annapolis

November 29, 2007


Week in Review

November 27, 2007


J'Accuse! Was the Murder of a Palestinian Icon Staged?

November 18, 2007

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You’ve probably seen the iconic image of the intifada, a 12-year-old boy named Mohammed Al-Dura ostensibly hiding behind his father and a barrel in the face of Israeli bullets. The image, now a fixture in Palestinian homes, has also been used by Al Qaeda terrorists and the murderers of Daniel Pearle to justify their atrocities.

But what if Palestinian gunmen, rather than Israeli soldiers, killed the boy?

Tonight, the details of how unscrupulous Palestinian “journalists,” coupled with an unquestioning French press corps and a corrupt French judicial system, staged a propaganda scene. And why the truth is only now being uncovered.

Week in Review

November 15, 2007


– How 500,000 Iraqis may die in a matter of hours in a catastrophe that would be more severe than Hiroshima….and could happen any day now.

– The Inside Scoop on more war funding in Congress

– The idiot economics of Republican health care

– And other news of the week…

White Power/Islamic Terrorist Alliance — and the FBI Cover-Up

November 14, 2007

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Guest: Former FBI Agent Michael German, who was fired for exposing the FBI fraud and incompetence that compromised a serious investigation into the new ties between white supremacists and Islamic terrorists.

Having promised to place the transcript of what Senator Grassley put in the Congressional Record regarding this, I reprint it in the blog below.

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