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Fighting Senator Jim Webb on FISA

March 6, 2008


Texas and Ohio – Not Necessarily Bad for the Democrats

March 5, 2008


Israel Back in Gaza: The Right of Self-Defense

March 4, 2008

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Mark discusses Israel’s decision, finally, to take decisive action to protect its citizens who have been under bombardment by 7694 missiles.
Here’s why Palestinian Arabs and the world should encourage Israel to reoccupy Gaza. Let’s face it, they had greater economic prosperity and were far more secure under Israeli rule than under the Hamas dictatorship.
A senior Israeli official described the situation bluntly:
This very limited (Gaza) operation was intended to show Hamas what could happen, what you may call a ‘prequel’,” the senior Israeli official said.
“If they decide they’ve seen enough and stop the rockets, if they get the message, then we may get into a period of quiet. If they continue to fire the rockets, then there will be more operations like this one or worse,” the official said.
Those that support a Greater Israel have no greater friend than Hamas, which will eventually force Israel to reoccupy the Gaza Strip. They are lucky that Palestinians have never discovered their secret weapon, the one weapon that would crush support for a Greater Israel worldwide and in Israel proper and that would immediately lead to the creation of a viable Palestinian State.
That secret weapon is…..non-violence. Lucky for Israeli hawks, the Arabs will never think to try it.

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