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Bush's Watergate

March 21, 2008

We know the Bush Justice Department went after Eliot Spitzer, sifting through his private bank records to find out if he’d done anything wrong and then spending high-level resources on the successful goose chase.
We know that Rove made up allegations about Alabama Governor Don Siegelman, jailng him to keep him from winning the election.
And now we find out that in January 2008, the Bush Administration also illegally spied on Barack Obama’s private passport.
How many prominent and powerful Democrats are being spied on by this Administration?
Let’s just say a heck of a lot more than Watergate.
No wonder they want retroactive amnesty.
If, as I suspect, all of this can be traced back to Karl Rove, this will finally be what we need to impeach Bush and Cheney. But it has to be done in time. Unfortunately, Rove, acting on behalf of Cheney and Bush, is careful about hiding his fingerprints.
This is far far far worse than Nixon. Investigate now!!!!

Week in Review – Obama, McCain, Osama, Guns

March 20, 2008

First Hour Audio
Two More Hours on Bob Kincaid’s show
Barack Obama on Race in America
Barack Obama’s Speech on Race in America
I predicted this uproar regarding Obama’s Pastor Wright and am very glad Obama’s putting some distance between him and his controversial pastor. I’ve always felt that Pastor Wright was Obama’s Achilles’ heel.
What is the source of Wright’s incendiary comments?
How are they bound up in the tradition of the Black Church?
Is it fair to characterize him as anti-White? Or just pro-Black?
I disagree and strongly condemn much of what Pastor Wright has said in those few snippets shown widely on Fox News.
But I do think I understand where he’s coming from.
And so does Barack Obama.
This may be the best speech on race in America in our generation. You owe it to yourself to listen closely, whatever your particular race or hue.
McCain doesn’t know Al Qaeda from Iran. No wonder he’s unclear about who attacked us on September 11, 2001.
Osama Bin Laden wants to punish us for our cartoons.
The Supreme Court does its best to lift the DC gun ban. Good thing they have security measures that other DC residents don’t have. Whatever happened to “strict constructionism”?
And Obama is wrong on the Michigan revote. C’mon Obama. I want you to win, but you gotta win fair.

The Internet Poker Ban

March 19, 2008

Guest: Jay Lakinn, Co-Founder of
Why do Republicans hate fun?
It’s not just sex…
It’s even low-stakes gambling on the Internet, by any industry that does not contribute to Republican candidates.
So poker is out. But if you like horse racing, you’re safe.
As the Kentucky Derby crowd contributes to Republicans, “placing bets on the horsies” is legal.
Does this make any sense?
Poor me. I used to play poker online. Now if I do, I’m a criminal.

Live from "Take Back America", Part II

March 18, 2008

Mark interviews media consolidation watchdog Josh Silver
and blogger Rob Kall of

Live from "Take Back America", Part I

March 17, 2008

At this large progressive get-together,
I challenge the controversial tactics of Code Pink‘s co-founder Jodie Evans;
interview Kathryn Kolbert, President of the People for the American Way;
get the latest scoop on Rev Sun Myung Moon’s Republican connections from investigative reporter and author John Gorenfeld;
and take on the No. 2 in the Democratic Party, Susie Turnbull about the mess created by the Democrats in Florida and Michigan.

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