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Unshredding the Constitution

January 28, 2009

Guest: Blogger Marcy Wheeler of
Can we prosecute crimes committed by the Bush Admistration?
Should we?

RESPECT: The Key to Obama Diplomacy

January 28, 2009

Whether it’s Republicans, Christian Evangelicals, Arabs, Muslims, Palestinians, or Persians, Obama’s using respect as a weapon of diplomacy. He’s going above and around the leaders of these groups (from James Dobson to Al Qaeda, from Hamas to Ahmanidejad) and directly to the people behind them in an attempt to cleave the moderates from the extremists.
From his first interview on Al Arabiya to his inviting Rick Warren to deliver the Inaugural, from his reaching out to Iran to his reaching out to Republicans, Obama is trying to weaken his adversaries and enemies through an unusual weapon: RESPECT.
Will it work?

Taxpayer Bailout Money Paid to Republicans to Fight Unions

January 28, 2009

When corporate CEOs fail, taking American Workers down with them, and these CEOs beg for and receive taxpayer funds to save them, they don’t just spend the money on corporate jets and exclusive vacations and retreats. The corporate CEOs also use the taxpayer money to screw over the same workers that pay the funds and that taxpayers intended to save:

President Obama's First Week

January 27, 2009

Mark debates Republican strategist Mike Lane on President Obama’s first week on the job.

President Obama’s First Week

January 26, 2009

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