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Congressional Corruption

June 20, 2005

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How much does it cost to buy a Member of Congress?
Republican Majority Leader Tom Delay may be the easiest Congressman to buy and the one most clearly on the take, but he is far from the only corrupt Member of Congress. Tonight we give THE INSIDE SCOOP on Congressman Bob Ney, Congressman Duke Cunningham, Congresswoman Katherine Harris, and Congressman Virgil Goode.
Guest: Melanie Sloan, Ex-Prosecutor and Executive Director of CREW (Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington)

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  • Mark Levine June 23, 2005 6:07 pm

    The .mp3 is done. Sorry it took so long.

  • Gordon in SF June 21, 2005 9:54 pm

    Hey Mark, is the mp3 download comin’ for this show?

  • Michelle June 20, 2005 8:05 pm

    I’m sorry to say I will miss tomorrow’s broadcast, but I will listen to the archive. I have heard tomorrow’s guest before. My stepdaughter graduates from High School tomorrow so I will be there during you broadcast.
    I just want to say, don’t let this guy spin the way I have heard on his show. It is that whole “The government can’t pay for everyone” mentality.
    I just think that is arrogant for a person to even think. It is what made our nation. To help individuals after the depression. The unemployed people of this nation built the roads, bridge, parks, etc…
    Think what great minds we might pass up if we don’t help those in need.
    Gal from Cal

  • Michelle June 20, 2005 7:54 pm

    Please tell Melanie thank you for the idea. Especially the phasing of it or the tone.
    I will play on his ethic. I have to do more research, but now I can use her site to do so.

  • Matt June 20, 2005 7:22 pm

    Please be careful what you say during your commercial breaks. We can still hear you even when you are out on commercial.