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Fahrenheit 9/11, Part II

June 30, 2004

(archived broadcast )
Fahrenheit 9/11, Part II
More discussion of Michael Moore’s movie

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  • David December 25, 2004 11:02 pm

    WAR IS WAR I’m a father of three little girls.If anything happen to them,well I couldn’t even imagine any of the sort.War is losing someone close,everyone suffers but the people doing the damage.Whats the
    innocent people to do.I once heard a saying (there is mental to my madness). It makes you wonder what is the mental to the madness of war.Is it to cut down population,to make the rich richer.Most will never know,some will die trying to figure out why they lost love ones due to this madness.We raise are children in hopes to become honesty,loyal,respectfull law abiddeing citizens. meanwhile we are govern by lying,cheating,stealing goverment whom covers it all.We have so many issues in the USA to handle, yet we spend are money and noses over seas.Trades and stocks is why we keep are noses there,(money hungery politicians are why where there).I LEAVE THIS TO PONDER WHAT IS MORE VALUABLE LIFE ITSELF (ALL HUMAN BREEDS) OR THE VALUE OF A DOLLAR THAT INGOD WE TRUST?????????????????????????????????