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In Memory of Rosa Parks: Death of Black Politics?

October 27, 2005

Why can’t Republicans understand that there is still systematic racism in the USA at every level from small business, to corporations, to the Federal Government? Why can’t Democrats understand that there is severe cultural dysfunction internal to large groups of poor Blacks living in America’s ghetto?
BOTH are severe problems. And still, the Right and Left talk past each other…
Guest: Kevin Gray, contributing editor for Black News in Columbia, South Carolina and Author of an up-coming book tentatively titled “The Death of Black Politics.”
Click on the blog to read a comment by Kevin Gray.

Quotation from Kevin Gray:
“Recent events — the response to Hurricane Katrina, Bill Bennett’s comments, the tenth anniversary of the Million Man March, the video of New Orleans police bloodying a retired teacher — have created a rare opportunity to discuss race relations in this country. However, this isn’t just about race. It’s also about class and poverty. And it’s not just about Republicans and George W. Bush. It’s about the Democrats not offering an alternative vision and the dark side of Bill Clinton’s legacy. It’s not about any single problem — such as the gap between the rich and the poor, the number of black men in jail, the number of black students not graduating from high school, the number of black and brown kids being recruited into the military. It’s about all of these but fundamentally something more. There’s a structural change that has been going on in this country, partly stemming from the structural changes in the global economy, that is changing many things, all at once. We must have a national discussion of all that and more, if we are to counter the current malaise, the current negative slide and the feeling by many in our country that we are moving in the wrong direction.”

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  • Andrea February 1, 2006 1:34 pm

    In Loving Memory of Rosa Parks