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Mark Levine and Alan Colmes on Republican Hatemongers

April 7, 2010

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  • Alan April 23, 2010 4:44 pm

    Robt where were you and Mark when the same type of retoric was being said about GW Bush a book was writen about how to kill him , a movie was made following the same train of thought. How about all the unfair and unproven, or proven to be false, things that were said about Sarah Palin and her family. did you stand up for any of those to be condemned? If you can’t take don’t hand it out.You want to go find all the videos that were taken of Bush being hung in effigy, Demonstrators calling him Hitler and Nazi.Demonstrations that were not peaceful ask the DC cops. How about Nancy Pelosi calling those who disagree with her policy “Nazi’s, Un-American, unpatriotic,” etc.
    First Rep King as you said is not your Rep.So If he doesn’t like the way Govt is operating he should stay and fight to change it. Not move on like you would like to see.
    All through the charade of the passing of the Healthcare reform. Things were said by both sides as I mentioned before. But you don’t find that offensive? I find the way it was passed offensive to begin with. Don’t use reconcilliation was qouted and demonized By the Democratic Party including Obama. And Reid was one of the loudest, until it would work for them. Just like they used the CBO as long as it was in their favor. And if he as any other member of Congress was supposed to represent the majority of those in their district then the bill would have never passed. And not just Fox polls but 98% of all polls had those against it in the majority.
    Do I really have to exlplain what he meant with your next petty blather. You know people who stand up and voice their opinions. who are willing to demonstrate for somthing they feel strongly about.
    Isn’t that what we raised our hand and promised to protect when we joined the service. And he meant at the POLLS or are you as brain dead as Chris Matthews or Keith Ostupid or Madcow.
    Don’t ever accuse the right of anything that the left has already done as being wrong or cute or any of the other BS you threw. All the things you have questioned have been done by the left. How about the AFL-CIO ordering members to go to town hall meeetings and not letting those against healthcare in or talk, want to see one of the letters, Hecklers at McCain-Palin events. etc.etc
    And lastly the article was in sympathy to the nuts family, or did you miss that part or not understand that. They are just as much victims as the families of those killed. You are the one who needs to quit spewing rehetoric and absurdaties.
    Just what did you serve for if not the 1st Amendment? It was part of what I fought for when I served its called the Constitution.

  • Robt April 18, 2010 12:01 am

    After watching this video clip on the right wings obsession with excessive use of daming and demonizing their opponents instead of being for something and projecting that thought to inspire folks and convince others.

    Let me share this email I recently sent to Iowa Republican House representative Steve King for his mischievious encouragement of some of these vitrriolic notions from the right.

    as follows.
    Representative King,

    I write in regards to some of your comments in the media. I realize I am not in your district but there are issues you vote and those actions effect me.

    I want to suggest to you that if you do not like Gov’t then you should move on and allow someone else to take your seat in Congress that will try to make good.

    Recently at the health care reform passing you made some comments that should come from some partisan media hacks mouth, but it came from yours.
    You ae supposed to represent all in your district not just who voted for you.

    I quote you,
    ” If I could start a country with a bunch of people it would be the folks standing out here the last few days. ”

    -So I ask you, why don’t you like the people in your own district enough to start a country with them? Do your district voters know how poorly you feel towards them?

    Quoting you again,
    ” Let’s beat that other side to a pulp. Let’s take them out, let’s chase them down.”

    -Sir, I am that other side and I served and fought for this country. I am that other side you want to BEAT TO A PULP? You want to take me out?
    And know this, you won’t have to “chase me down” because I am not running.

    Not long ago you wrote an article of sympathy in the OWH of the crazed tax angry Komokazie pilot in Texas. Sir you are condoning flying a plane into a federal building by your own words.
    Tell it to the family of the man killed by that insane man and his uncontrolled tantrum.

    Because you vote on national issues, you effect not just your district. Maybe your district thinks your hyperboil is cute. Cute shouldn’t be in the U.S. House of Representatives. It is not respectful to Americans in or out of your district to spew rhetoric and absurdaties. It is unbecoming of what I served this country for. Let the talk show hosts rant and rave or please step down and allow a sober sincere minded adult to relpace you to right this country.

    Grow up and learn how to speak to crowds with out impuning other Americans.